Why should it be discarded because of his memories?

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I open a laptop that I have not operated for since the end of 2016 because of its function has been replaced by tablet Windroid 8G which operates with dual windows and android OS.

I open it to make sure every component is working and live, I check the folder one by one to the folder that stores the photos I shoot using [Smartphone](@ photography) android 5, there are hundreds of photos with various titles I made.

So there is nothing wrong for me to publish to steemians, maybe among some of these photos can bring the vote of the steemians and of course there is hope can be supported by @photocontests @minnows or the @curator 😀.

Thank you for your time

![image]() ***Title :***

Dinginnya berasap panas

" Cold smoky hot "

![image]() ***Title :***

Kosongnya ditutupi keremangan

" Empty covered by dimness "

![image]() ***Title :***

Satu objek untuk dua tembakan

" One object for two shots "

![image]() ***Title :***

Satu panjang satu pendek, gelas mana yang banyak isinya?

" One long one short, which glass is a lot of contents? "

Kenapa harus dibuang karena kenangannya 📷

Kubuka laptop yang sudah lama tidak ku operasionalkan semenjak akhir tahun 2016 karena fungsinya telah di ganti oleh tablet Windroid 8G yang beroperasi dengan dual OS windows dan android.

Ku buka untuk memastikan tiap komponennya berkerja dan hidup, kuperiksa satu persatu foldernya hingga tertuju kepada folder yang menyimpan photo-photo yang ku shoot pakai Smartphone android 5, ada ratusan photo dengan beragam judul yang ku buat.

Maka tidak ada salahnya untuk ku publish kepada steemians, mungkin diantara beberapa photo tersebut bisa mendatangkan vote para steemians dan tentunya ada harapan bisa di dukung oleh @photocontests @minnows atau para @curator 😀.

Terima kasih atas waktunya



i love those drinks on the table

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Thank you and I am so happy for this reward, it's like a dream. Yes I also dream to be a superhero & legend, of course with this power I can also help other steemians and appreciate their creations. Success is always for @steemit and [minnowssupport] (@ minnows) programs

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Abg emank mampu, luarbiasah,, master 🙏🙏🙏

Keras orang pintar sekali

Keberuntungan dan rezeki anak soleh 😂

Mantap adun.. Selamat beh, bertusss

Luar Biasa, Salut terhadap Kegigihannya
selamat @murizalpangeran

Terima kasih @helmibireuen, saya masih terus harus belajar dan tentunya faktor keberuntungan juga 👍