Why was the decision to keep Valverde right?

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More than two months ago, there were serious doubts that Ernesto Valverde would continue as coach of Barcelona next season, following the disastrous European results of the club.

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Under his leadership, Barcelona has suffered the most disastrous results in the club's recent history, with the successive elimination of the Champions League against Roma and Liverpool in frighteningly similar circumstances.

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The club's defeat in the 2019 Copa Cup final against Valencia has further angered the Catalan club and raised calls for the removal of Valverde.
But despite numerous calls to end his contract, Barcelona decided to stick to the former Espanyol coach for at least one season, without being dragged into public anger.

Although many may see this as a wrong decision, it is actually in Barcelona's interest to keep his services.

Valverde only has a European problem and weakness in maintaining his lead, but in local tournaments, he leads a great dominance during his two seasons at Camp Nou, he lost only four league games, better than Luis Enrique, who lost nine league games in his first two seasons in the Camp Nou, despite winning more games than Valverde.

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Despite the frustration with Neymar departure, Valverde led the club to continue their domestic success despite losing one of the most important sides of his attacking triangle.

Valverde finished his first season in the domestic double, 14 points ahead of Atletico Madrid in second place and 17 points above Real Madrid in third place.

He could have been the first coach to end the 38-match unbeaten season but a surprise 4-5 loss to Levante in the penultimate week ended that hope.

"The coach is quiet and has the support of the players"

Following a humiliating exit against Liverpool in the Champions League semi-final last season, all media outlets demanded his removal.

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But Lionel Messi went out and defended the coach, this is indicative of the fact that Valverde enjoys the confidence of his players and stars, headed by Messi.

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Gerard Pique, also a legend of FC Barcelona, Valverde wants to continue as coach, while club president Josep Maria Bartomio has always been behind the former Athletic Bilbao coach.

There are details that the fans don't notice, especially at Barcelona, that the coach should have a good relationship with Lionel Messi, and as long as this is available in Valverde, there is no headache in management.

"There are no quality trainers"

When he began to talk about the dismissal of Ernesto Valverde, many failed to grasp the key mystery that would have put Barcelona in trouble.
The dismissal of a manager at the club is only the first and easy step, the most difficult thing is to find an efficient, good and ideal alternative to lead the club.

With a peek at the names of the trainers, it is easy to see that there is a dearth of quality coaches in the market. Some do not fit the club's philosophy.

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barca need a better coach

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