Nominations for NEOXAG communities Week #2

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I would like to nominate a few communities for a great contest being run by @zaku.

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Curation Collective - @c-squared

Firstly I would like to choose @c-squared because it is the only community that support other languages. Most of the communites in steemit only support english language as a primary language. So I would like to choose @c-squared over the other communities.

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Pay it forward - @pifc

Another community I would like to choose is Pay it Forward being run by @thedarkhorse. This is a unique community and allows contestants to curate from the vairous post. This will give steemians to get the experience of curating a post so they will later become a curator.

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Curation and Engagement Leagues-@abh12345

I also would like to recommend one community that was being run by @abh12345. I believe engagement is also important in steemit. This league rewards the user who engage with others steemians.

All three communites I chose above did the good for steemit. I believe they all should have a delegation.

Thanks for reading my post.

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Thanks @mmunited for participate the contest , Your nominated community have been noted and also fyi we increase the delegation amount to 20k , 4k to each community for a month . Announcement Post will be published asap . You got 100 NEOXAG as staked .


Thank you for the nomination.

Thanks for the mention!

You are very welcome.
I hope your community to get this.

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