Window Monday

in esteem •  5 months ago

Today is #windowmonday for the #sevendaysoutside challenge by the lovely @erikah

These windows are in Charleston, South Carolina. I thought this grouping of windows would work nicely for today's challenge!


To participate in this challenge;

These are the days and the categories:

#WindowMonday – Windows

#DoorTuesday – Doors

#RustArtWednesday – Rust

#GateThursday – Gates

#StatueFriday – Statues

#BrickSaturday – Bricks (bricks only, no pavement elements or cobblestones please)

#StreetlampSunday – Street Lamps

Make sure you write a description of the photo you are posting. Share as much details as you can, like where that statue is placed (in a park, at a museum), what it represents etc. Make it enjoyable.

Use the #sevendaysoutside tag along with the daily tag and tag me, @erikah!

Goes without saying that you can only use your own photos. No paintings, no drawings, no digital art please! There is no prize here, this is just for fun.

Enter your music shadow photo here!

Shadow Photo Contest Round 35- Musical Instrument Shadows

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Hello beautiful window photo:)


Thank you! It's hard to get a conversation going about windows, isn't it?


A little bit ;-)

Melinda photos, very beautiful windows, I really like your posts

Is a great picture Melinda. Perfect for today😊


Thank you! I think it is hard to think of things to say about windows! 😀


A little, but these look great and I really like the green tone of the wall

Nice looking grouping of windows @melinda010100 Are you enjoying your boarder (the cat)?


I just sent this photo to his mom. She's boarding the plane and was worried that he is stressed. What do you think?


I think mom was stressed not so much the kitty haha

nice photo shot i like it resteemed your post @insomniacsk


Thanks! I went to your page to upvote a post of yours, but you have so many resteems that I couldn't find anything of yours!

Very perfect image capture @melinda010100, really very beautiful.


Thanks so much, my friend!

The colors are so elegant. Also reflections add to it.
Hey just to let you know, i will be away this week. I don't think i will be able to post regularly. Thank you so much for your support.


You are welcome. Hope it gave you a bit of a boost! Safe travels!

So... what is the challenge?


Did you read the rules?


Sorry I'm new here, I don't see any rules. Would you please point out for me where the rules are?


The rules for the #sevendaysoutside challenge are directly under my windows photo.

This is really a cool pic. I like how the pink in the reflection makes the gray of the building sing and come to life.


Thanks so much for coming by! I was just thinking I should have followed you so that I could hear your song again!

This is wonderful Melinda!


I'm so glad that you like it!