Tree Tuesday

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Today is #TreeTuesday!


"Trees exhale for us so that we can inhale them to stay alive. Can we ever forget that? Let us love trees with every breath we take until we perish.”

― Munia Khan


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Thanks, my friend! ♥️

Postingan yang bagus sahabatku @melinda010100, saya selalu ingin mengunjungi blog anda dan membagikan postingan anda, semangat @melinda010100 dalam berkarya di esteem ini.. Mantap..

I love how the first photo looks. The colors of autumn are very beautiful

Thanks! It is a pretty time of year! It seems late in arrivibg this year.

I am sure that is a pretty time of the year. Is so beautiful all the colors of the Autumn🍁🍂

I got a few good shots this morning on my WednesdayWalk and I'll put up a post later. It is starting to get pretty here!

Sure are some beautiful pictures. I'll be waiting for your post😊

excelente toma, ojala en Colombia existiera esta estacion

Does Columbia have a change in seasons, or is it always warm?

winter and summer

Lovely capture and quote, Melinda. My sentiments also.

I knew that you would like that quote , too!

Nice silhouette and with colour in the leaves too. Neat Photo Melinda and yep I'm still manually voting. I'm giving up on the autovoters...for now anyway.

My autovoter is working fine... Did you go in and un-pause it? They set everyone's accounts on pause so it wouldn't start voting until we were recharged and wanted it to vote again.

Excellent silhouette, Melinda! Resteemed :)

Thanks so much!, Keith! I'm so glad you like it!.

trees are very many benefits for humans and various types of living things on earth.

Thanks, that is very true!

That is certainly something worth being conscious about.

Hope your day has been a pleasant one.

We have had several continous days of rain.... Its good Steemin weather, but I find myself longing for a bit of sunshine!

I'm a sunshine girl myself. Even if I'm inside, I want the windows uncovered and some bright light shining in.

We've had more rain than normal for at least the last month, maybe longer than that.

We got a peek at the sun earlier, but now it is clouding up again. I run on sun. The weeks of cloudy days is the worst part of winter in WI!

I tell people I am solar powered.... ha ha

Yeah... that is the worst part of winter here too. I believe you get more of it there than we do here, but it is still enough to make me not love that season.

I agree! It is not the cold and snow that make me hate winter, it's the lack of sunlight!

wow... beautiful tree, what tree is it @melinda010100

Thanks! It is an oak tree.

Beautiful photographs friend

Thanks! Good to hear from you again!

Great photos and great quote. wonderful use of light in both pics

Thanks! It a good treehugger quote!

Very nice Tree and silhouette Melinda! :)

Thanks, my friend! ♥️

You are welcome ! Happy Weekend Melinda!

They are so beautiful. Thanks for your entry @melinda010100

Thanks, my friend! ♥️

totally agree I'm mom @melinda010100.

Trees are very useful for our lives. among them the tree releases clean air for us to breathe. trees also prevent floods, prevent landslides, and many other benefits from trees.

I will always love trees until I perish. :)

Yes! Good comment, my friend! ♥️

Very nice pictures @melinda010100, especially the black and white picture I find great

Thanks, Kevin! I'm glad you like it!

Keindahan alam yang luar biasa bagus, saya sangat suka dengan postingan anda @melinda010100

yes I really agree with loving trees because the living creature tree is the same as we are juma he is not the same as us and we are always breathing air that is released by the tree, and I am king in Aceh the air is fresh because there are lots of trees here.

Hello Steemians..

Selamat sore sahabat setia steemit dan selamat beristirahat ya semuanya, malam ini saya kembali bersama anda untuk membagikan sebuah photography bunga cantik yang saya abadikan menggunakan kamera smartphone dengan jarak fokus yang lumayan dekat, berikut ini gambarnya:

Nah itulah photography bunga liar cantiknya, jika sahabat menyukainya silahkan upvote dan resteem postingannya dan silahkan tinggalkan jejak anda di kolom komentar

Keindahan alam yang sangat sangat indah,, Permandangan yang sangat cantik soudaraku,, saya sangat suka dengan gambar gambar yang anda ambil,, postingan yang sangat Keren saya ingin selalu mengikuti Anda dan saya ingin membagikan postingan ini,, salam @melinda010100

Postingan yang sangat indah,, dengan rindang pohon yang begitu menarik,, Thank you @melinda010100

Thank you for sharing my post!

So true amazing mother nature :)

howdy again melinda010100! wow that tree. Did you do something to that photo? I mean that isn't untouched is it?