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Have you gotten your Palnet Tokens yet and powered up? You can still use eSteem or whichever front-end site you are most partial to, you will just use Palnet as one of your tags to earn more Tokens. This explains it all better than I can... “How To” PALNet.io and PALCoin with Keychain and Steem-Engine.com

That way when we vote on each other's posts we can earn Pal Tokens, eSteem Tokens and Steem,too!

A photo for @barbara-orenya so that she can see the difference between squirrels and chipmunks.

The big one is a mama squirrel... she has pulled the hair from her tail and used it to line her nest for her babies. This time of year the scraggly tails are a giveaway as to who the females are.

The boys have big bushy tails.


The chipmunks are much smaller.


Now go power up your Pal Tokens! 🙂

Go here to enter

Shadow Photo Contest-Round 73- Reading Shadows

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Wow, those cute little buggers are almost tamed!

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My daughter has spent several years taming them!

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Yum, chocolate! Thank you!

How interesting. I never think of the difference between them. And the tail! It shows is it mail or femail ☺

I didn't get my tokens yes, must wait until payout period runs out. But looks like I'll not get rich soon 😄😂

That is interesting. I was under the impression they gave Pal Tokens to everyone who had been active in the past 2 months.

Should I be active using palnet.io? It is sooo slow

Did you check your Steem Engine wallet for Tokens? I think you must have staked Tokens to earn more Tokens. I do not use palnet.io I only use eSteem. I only add the palnet tag because I powered up the Tokens they gave me.

It may sounds silly. I check steemit wallet, and I see Steem and Sbd, as usual. Should I see other tockens there?

Sorry for silly question probably...

Posted using Partiko Android

Not silly at all. They are in a DIFFERENT wallet. There is a seperate wallet for Tokens.


You will need to login, then go to your wallet. There you will see an icon on the top left corner of the screen, you need to click on it claim your tokens!

I think I sent you some ENGAGE Tokens a while ago. They will be in this same wallet.

You may vote from anywhere. As long as I am staked and you have used their palnet tag, you will get Tokens when I vote on you from esteem. You just continue to do things the way you have always done, the only difference is you must use palnet for a tag, and are staked.
Right @crimsonclad? I hope my understanding is accurate. I don't want to be giving out bad information

Such grave chipmunks you have there ...:-)

They are brave! Or greedy for peanuts!

I didn't know these things as I never got to see them much. It's interesting.

I've been posting so many squirrel photos that I don't want to spam you with all of them! Glad you saw these!

It is not a spam, never was, never will be, I asked you to tag me and please do. I'm trying to be up to date with steem-ing but looks like it's impossible :) I'm going to check your blog more regularly. Have a nice weekend!

This is your busy time of year and I know you do not have as much time for Steem during the summer. Stop by when you can!

I will, I promise.

Is that why their tails are like that? ... Or did she get too close to an artist who wanted a few new paint brushes? Mwahahaha

Nice photos of the little feeder-raiders!

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I did not know that about squirrels and their tales. They all seem to have big fluffy tails around here or maybe I just think that. Now I am on the hunt, metaphorically speaking, for a girl squirrel:):):)

Great capture, Melinda:)

Let me know if you see some females!

You forget snax as well. The holy quadruple.

I love the pics of squirrels. I can often see grey squirrels some run across the fence at my property in London.

I hope one day to see a red squirrel but they are increasingly rare even in Scotland.

Posted using Partiko Android

I've got snax, too. It will be interesting to see what becomes of that one!

Claimed and staked! Now let me see if I can do a little something to add some more PAL to this post.. ;)

It will be fun to see them begin to add up! Thanks for the cake, too!

It will be fun to
See them begin to add up!
Thanks for the cake, too!

                 - melinda010100

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Indeed, it's so exciting. My pleasure :)

These photos are beautiful, and this is good information. How have you been?

If you need help with anything let me know and I'll try to find the answers for you! I'm ok.. Lots of people around visiting this week so I haven't been on as much.

Quiet, any doubt I will write to you. Enjoy the visits

I didn't knew esteem had tokens too


It's a new thing! We are all collecting them and awaiting more news.

It's a new thing! We
Are all collecting them and
Awaiting more news.

                 - melinda010100

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Thanks much for educating me about wild life my dear ! 😃 ❤️
You are so lucky to have both in your neighborhood and that they let you take some gorgeous pics ! 😉

Thanks for asking the questions! They are so familiar to me that I forget that other people don't necessarily know about them.

I'm glad I found information about PALcoin si Palnet here at you, I heard a while ago but I did not know what to do. Thank you, @melinda010100!
Yesterday I made my first post with the planet tag.

Oh, good! I'll be watching for a post from you using the palnet tag so that I can vote it! I like getting more for my vote!

wow!!! I thought that the chipmunks are larger. they are very small !!!! :)

They are just little. We have to be careful not to step on them!

that's for sure! :)))

That is so interesting how mama squirrel uses fur of her tail to line the nest.
I am going to check about palnet as it is pretty new for me.

Did you get your Pal Tokens powered up?

Not yet, I try to figure out how it works.

Let me know if I can help.

I have just post in palnet but I don't know how I will receive the tokens. My wallet in palnet is 0.

And now a doubt... having staked palcoins, do I need to upvote you from palnet.io for you to receive them... or this partook upvote will do? Oh, so many doubts! 😂

Posted using Partiko Android

You may vote from whatever site you are comfortable using!

Even not on palnet.io? So if I have staked PAL, voting through busy for instance would give you some PAL as well? That would be great!

Exactly. As long as you are staked and use the palnet tag you can post and vote and comment from your favorite front end... Busy, esteem, Steemit, Partiko. I'm anxious to see how quickly our Pal adds up!

That seems perfect! Really curious to see how this evolves too!

Posted using Partiko Android

So many exciting changes happening here!I'm busy collecting eSteem Tokens in anticipation of the announcement of how that is going to work!

For sure! I usually use esteem to post, only a couple days back I found out we earned tokens too!

5 Tokens for each comment! I have over 12,000 Tokens already. Do you think I should order my lambo yet?

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haha! these are great photos Melinda, super job! How'd you get that squirrel and chipmunk to pose like that? lol. I didn't know the females used their hair to line their nests, very interesting.

Ha! Actually it took me two days to get a photo that showed the size difference between a squirrel and a chipmunk. This was the best of the bunch that I took.

Well I must say that your examples of chipmunk vs. Squirrel are awesome and if Barbara did not know, she certainly does now!

I have been away on vacation for too long because I have no idea what pal net is! I have seen it around for the last two days but haven't had the time to look at it. I'm intrigued.

I must say that three weeks is a long time to be gone on an never changing platform! Hope all is well with you and as always I wish you a most wonderful day!


Wow! How nice that you had a 3 week vacation! You are right. A lot happens here in 3 weeks. Thanks for the tip.

It's always a pleasure!

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