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#friendsday by @shasta

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My #friendsday post is for @shasta!

Because they know how to entertain themselves during bitter cold temperatures up in Alaska, @shasta challenged me to do the throw hot water up in the air thing! I recruited my daughter to toss the water while I snapped a couple pictures.


It really is amazing to watch, you can hear the crack of the water hitting the cold air and if it wasn't so darn cold out there we could have kept trying until I got some more dramatic photos or set up a tripod to do a video!



I did get to be reminded what - 24F feels like. Now I'm back to looking at the cold and snow through the window!

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There were a lot of people doing this today. It is a very cool experiment, but, it wasn't cold enough here!

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Next time, do a video with your cell phone! How cool would that be???


You were lucky that it was not cold enough! I'll trade you.


Oh, sure!! Whatever would you do with all this warm?? It should be better next week We are having 60's!!!

I know you will be at least 40 or 50!


We will... With rain! Crazy weather.

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❤️❤️❤️Having these posts resteemed is so helpful!

Routine physics change at that cold of a temperature. Stay warm....


Routine, and lots of fun! Even though the thermostat is set the same as it always is, it just feels colder in here today. The floors are cold, the walls are cold, everything seems a little colder. I'm all bundled up with a blanket!

Whoa how cool and down right cold fun!!
We do find some trippy things to do up here lol
Your photos came out great!!
Thank you so very much for #friendsday'ing
me 💕 @melinda010100!!
Setting up a light mist water thing in the back
yard is another one! ;-)


That was fun. I really wish it wasn't so darn cold out there! It would have been fun to do that over and over again and try taking pictures from different angles, but it was simply too cold to mess around!

Howdy tonight Melinda! wow, does that water instantly turn into ice crystals? That's really something to see, if I ever get into that kind of weather again I'll try that!


Almost instantly! It was fun to see, but too cold to play out there very long!


haha! yes exactly..hey lets go playin the -24 degree weather! Not for long!

I know this effect and I know it has to be very cold outside. I have never tried it and I think this year will not be possible because it seems to warm up here for me.


Not being able to try this is a really good thing!


Yes, of course!

This is such a cool experiment & captures of it!
I will be trying this soon. Thanks for sharing & Steem on :)


It was fun to do! I'd love to see pictures if you do it!

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Wow! It keeps getting better! Thank you!

That is a cool thing to do and thanks for sharing your experience of it, i havent tried it myself yet but I know I will one day :)


I don't remember ever doing it before. I'm glad that @shasta encouraged me to go out there!


I am glad he did as well it made for such a fun post

Sounds/seems like fun. But I don't think I would like to be there personally. I guess if you enjoy certain things, you have to make sacrifices for them. I will pass in this instance. I will watch you guys have fun from afar. :-)


5 and a half seconds of fun! When it's that cold you have to find something good about it!

Amazing! I'd love to see something like that... on TV.

Keep warm!


On TV would be the best viewing!

Cool photos :) I don't want to spoil your fun but its 68F here today.


Isn't that crazy? It's supposed to be 45° and raining over the weekend! This bitter cold will just be a distant memory. Crazy crazy weather.