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This is my entry for the #beautifulsunday challenge, hosted by @ace108 and for #sublimesunday by @c0ff33a.

The sun is shining on this lovely Sunday morning and I am seeing more pretty leaves falling from the trees.




The temperatures dipped below freezing this weekend, and these poor impatiens were among the casualties.


Many of the other potted plants found new homes by sunny windows.


I'm trying to stay positive about this season change. It will all be sublime. Right?


Shadow Photo Contest Round 39- Duo Shadows

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beautiful leaf flowers ... amazing

Great photos, Melinda. The colors of the Fall are splendid, almost making us forget the cold and heavy rains (which we did not have so far).
P. S.: sent you a dm.

very interesting, the photos are all good

Love the single leaf falling edit... Nice photos all @melinda010100

Just love them Autumn color leaves it's ashame they fall of and turn into mulch but they will be back again. Beautiful colorful post love it !!

Yep, Fall is here. Nice pictures to bring it on.

Beautiful leaf

it looks like you really like flower plants

Nice. Captures fall perfectly.

We have pretty wet leaves today. Probably no pictures. First frost yesterday. Even the remaining hostas are drooping now. Lol

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