Daily Giveaway:- 1 SBI share / 1 SM card (Eleven Cutthroat) May 10

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Dear Steemians wishing you a beautiful day. Today i am posting another giveaway post for some fun and engagement with steemit community. I hope you like and participate in it.

Note: If you have been Continually commenting for 30 days and you did not get the reward tell me in comment, I will send you 1 sbi share. Make sure you have 30 comments in a row for 30 days. Good Luck.

First of all i am announcing the winner of my previous contest


The Winner is @morningshine

Congratulations @morningshine for winning sbi share

(sbi share has been sent)



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Today i am Giving away a rare steemmonsters card (Eleven Cutthroat) and sbi share. Winner will be announced in my next giveaway post (approx in 23-30 hours)

Eleven Cutthroat.jpg

Lets Start next give away

only you have to comment with any wording like "sbi share" or "SM Card" etc. Winner will be announced in next giveaway post.

upvotes, resteems, and follows are not required

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SM Card

SBI share

Congratulations @nessos
you have won
sbi share has been sent

SBI share

SBI share..

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SM Card

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Thany you so much!
SM card.

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SM Card, por favor.. Thanks!

SBI Share, please.

SBI Share

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