Painting Red Lips and cigarette with colored pencils

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Painting Red Lips and cigarette with colored pencils

hello, i have this painting of this RED LIP for today , i found it's picture very nice and lovely so decided to paint it !
i used different varieties of these colors of my colored pencils that i wrote their names beside the lip ,
and that cigarette with light and dark brown ,white and black .
i like colored pencils ,they are nice to use for some works , i also used colored pencils for some of my drawings about animals that i will share them .
hope you like this sexy and nice lip painting


Screenshot (552).png

Screenshot (553).png

Screenshot (554).png

Screenshot (555).png

Screenshot (556).png

Screenshot (557).png

Screenshot (558).png

Screenshot (559).png


i hope you enjoyed to watch these works

Here you can see some of my works in this GIF :)


i made this GIF with one of my digital arts :)



have a very beautiful day and see you next time! tomorrow! :)


Wow hard to believe it's pencil crayons, great work, such a glossy finish!!

😊 thank you so much my friend

Wow that’s really good. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Resteemed

😍 😊 thank you very much

😊 thank you so much

Amazing detail!

😊 thank you

You really should look into cover illustration for books and albums.


🤗 thank you dear friend

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🤗 thanks

Very nice artwork!

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😊 thank you