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Hello my Dearest Foodies,

July 1st is Canada Day and we are having a long weekend which calls for delicious and refreshing dessert. Well, any day at summertime calls for something refreshing, so you don't need any special occasion to treat yourself with this yummy and healthy pudding. Weather you choose to eat it for breakfast or a dessert that's up to you. It is quick and easy to make and you can have it ready in the refrigerator for two three days, as long as it is properly sealed.

I hope you had a lovely weekend too and I wish you a wonderful week 🌸😊🌸


Vanilla Pudding with Blueberry Jam Layer
Vegan – Gluten Free- Refined Sugar Free
Author: Lena’s Vegan Living

INGREDIENTS for 2 servings
• Arrowroot powder 3tbs
• Plant based milk 1 cup (I used cashew milk)
• Pure vanilla extract 1tsp
• Maple syrup or xylitol ¼ cup

• Blend all ingredients in a pot.
• On the medium heat, keep stirring until the mixture thickens.
• Take it off the heat and divide the pudding into your ready bowls or glasses.
• Place into refrigerator for an hour.


• Blueberries 2 cups (fresh or frozen)
• Maple syrup ½ cup
• Chia 1tbs

• In a small pot, bring maple syrup into boil.
• Add blueberries and wait for it to boil again.
• Reduce the heat and let it simmer for 5 minutes.
• Take it off the heat and transfer the blueberries into a bowl without the liquid.
• Add chia seeds and stir well. Let it sit for 15 minutes.
• When ready, divide the jam on top of your pudding and place into refrigerator or you can serve right away.
• Top with figs and mint.







I really would love to have this for dessert today - this looks fantastic indeed

Thank you so much Michel.............I would love to send it to you 😊

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Thank you so much 😊

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Thank you so much 😊

They look so delicious. Good as everything you do

Thank you so much my Dear Denisse 🌸😍🌸

You're welcome dear😊

@lenasveganliving, this is a simple and beautiful dessert. I have everything to make this delicious dessert. This will be made soon. Thank for sharing your recipe.

I am very pleased that this is something that can put on your menu my Dear . Thank you so much, I really appreciate your support 🌸😍🌸

As usual, so happy to see this pop up after seeing this totally eye-catching photo on IG! My goodness you know how to make a girl drool Lena! Simple, but such a stunning presentation. Those figs on top just finish it off beautifully. Marking this down as another to try soon!

Just between me and you, I was working on completely different dessert, lol. Unfortunately things didn't work out as I was hopping for so I had come up with something quick with the ingredients that I had at home. Thank you so much Katie! You know how to put smile on my face 🌸😍🌸

Well sometimes the best results come after a little setback! You really do have a way of making even the most simple things look so elegant and delicious! That's probably why I have tried more of your recipes than just about anyone else I follow. ;) Haven't been disappointed yet, either!

I am truly happy to hear that Katie. Thank you so much. And the recipe I am working on wasn't total disaster, lol. It is delicious, but I have to figure out couple things before is ready for public, lol.

This looks so delicious dear Lena!

Thank you so much Sweetie 🌸😍🌸

Howdy Miss Lena! What in the world?? What IS this stuff? What is Agar and arrow root? lol..well anyway I trust you so it must be very very very good and very very very healthy right? This post is very beautiful too, it's a work of art really in it's own way.

Howdy Janton! Sorry for the late reply, but I am finally going to catch up with you now! I promise! Agar agar and Arrow root seems same as corn flower and you can use it all three for pudding, however, Agar agar and Arrow root are much healthier.

Thank you so much for another of your cheerful comments, I really appreciate it 😊

Howdy Miss Lena! oh that's okay, don't worry about the late reply, I know you have a real life outside of steemit! lol.
Thanks for the explanation, I'm sure those are much healthier indeed, the names even sound healthy!

Thank you for understanding Janton, although some of the time I was busy was on Steemit, lol. And yes you are right, they do sound healthy 😊

Dear Lena, it is fantastic works!! Excellent graphic match with tasty desserts!!

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