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Hello my Dearest Foodies,

I hope you had a joyful long weekend, lots of delicious food and beautiful weather. Well I can't complain about he food, lol, but the weather was gloomy and rainy. However, today is finally sunny and warmer, but tomorrow is going t rain again. Oh well, enough about weather.

I have this very flavorful with fishy taste without the fish, Ramen soup, lol. It's quite amazing what seaweed can do. Not to forget the tempeh, that is one of the healthiest soy based product, high in protein and tasty.

I hope you try it and I wish you a wonderful week 😃


Ramen with Tempeh & Veggies
Vegan – Gluten Free
Author: Lena’s Vegan Living


• Low sodium organic veggie broth 4 cups
• Nori sheet 1 (cut into smaller pieces)
• Lemon grass 1 (washed and cut into 1inch long pieces)
• Ginger fresh or powder 1 tsp
• Garlick powder to taste
• Chilli paste to taste
• Low sodium Tamari ¼ cup
• Himalayan pink salt to taste
• Sesame seed oil 1tsp

Bring the veggie broth into a boil and add all the ingredients except oil.
Turn down the heat and let it simmer for 10min, take it off the heat, add the oil and set aside. Remove the Nori sheets and lemon grass before serving.


Millet & Brown Rice Ramen (or noodles of your choice)
• Bok Choy 4 (cut in half)
• Tempeh 150gr (cut into slices)
• Mushrooms
• Cilantro 1 cup (large stems removed)
• Scallions 2 (sliced)

• Boil the noodles according the instructions on the package.
• Marinade Tempeh slices in ¼ cup tamari and ½ tsp garlic powder for 6 hours or overnight.
• When ready, sauté on few drops of heated oil, few minutes on each side until golden.
• Cut them into squares before serving.
• Lightly sauté or steam the Bok choy.
• Fill your bowls with noodles, add veggies pour broth on top and serve.







Great Asian treat - I love this soups yumyumyum

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Thank you so much 😊

You're welcome 😀 @lenasveganliving
Have a nice day!

Just love Ramen! This version is different from what I usually do so thanks for the tips.

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Thank you so much 😃

@lenasveganliving, this is a scrumptious looking meal. I need to venture out with tempeh a little more. I have not had much luck in the past. But I guess I have to try it again. Thanks for this great recipe.

Sometimes it takes little longer to adjust to the flavor of tempeh, but this easy marinade can make quite the difference You can also add little bit of maple syrup if you like.

Thank you so much my Dear and good luck choosing the winners 😊

Simply delicious @lenasveganliving 😊 we used to have a crunchy fried tempe with noodle soup.. but that marinated one must be so tasty😊 enjoy your day ...

Marinaded tempeh is quite yummy so I highly recommend. Thak you so much Sweetie I am glad you like it 😍

I could definitely dig right into a bowl of that! Those mushrooms are picture perfect in there. I love the idea of tempeh in a ramen, as well. So yummy my friend!

Thank you so much Katie, I am happy you like it. I know you are a tempeh lover, so this is your kind of recipe for sure. Oh and those mushrooms are raw, that's why they look so good, lol.

Howdy Miss Lena! wow, another strange but wonderful recipe! lol. What is tempeh anyway? Well the whole dish looks super tasty and beautiful as well and I know it's healthiest Ramen I every ate that's for sure!

Howdy Janton! What a lovely surprise. Tempeh is fermented soy and it's very healthy and high in protein product. Thank you so much I ma glad you like it 😊

Howdy Miss Lena! Well, I've heard that it's very healthy to eat something fermented every day. I don't know if beer counts but that's what I vote for! lol.You are very welcome, it's a great post.

Oh yes! But beer gives you beer belly, lol.

haha! yeah I don't like that idea but I think one a day wouldn't be too fattening.

Well I guess one is okay, if you can be satisfied with only one, lol.

oh yeah, I've never been a big beer drinker, one or two and I'm stuffed and I never understood how people could drink beers all night long!

That's good Janton!

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