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Hello my Dearest Foodies,

Italian food is in season all year round, at least for me, lol. However, lasagna being a comfort food, could be just perfect for the upcoming season.

Lots of people already made their tomato sauce for the winter, I know my neighbors and my sister in Slovakia did, lol. Well I don't have the space in my tiny apartment to store anything for winter, so the sauce I made I used right away for this delicious lasagna.

Maybe you even have tomatoes from your own garden that you can use for this recipe. Or you already made your own sauce, which is perfect as well. It really is up to you. I am sure it will be very tasty either way.

Enjoy your weekend and eat your veggies 🍅🌿🍅


Brown Rice Pasta with Homemade Tomato Sauce, Zucchini, Mushrooms & Cashew Cream
Vegan – Gluten Free
Author: Lena’s Vegan Living

• Brown rice lasagna 9pc (or pasta of your choice)
• Tomato sauce 3 cups
• Cashew cream 2cups
• Large yellow zucchini (sliced thinly)
• Cremini mushrooms 150gr - 2cups (or mushrooms for your choice, sliced)
• Fresh basil leaves ½ cup (diced)
• Vegan parmesan 2tbs
• Himalayan Pink salt to taste
• Black pepper to taste
• Casserole dish (medium size)

• Sauté mushrooms with salt and pepper on a frying pan until golden brown and set aside.
• Preheat oven to 350F (or temperature on the cooking instructions of your pasta)
• Apply a thin layer of tomato sauce on the bottom of casserole dish and three sheets of pasta side by side. Do not overlap.
• Apply another layer of tomato sauce, this time a lot thicker.
• Add basil and mushrooms on top.
• Add a layer of zucchini side by side and cover with cashew cream. You may add little bit of salt and pepper for zucchini. Top with three pasta sheets.
• Apply tomato sauce, basil and another layer of zucchini side by side.
• Cover with tomato sauce and basil again.
• Apply cashew cream on top of tomato sauce and top with last layer of pasta. (You may precook the top layer first, for couple minutes in water.
• When ready, apply thick layer of tomato sauce and cover with lid or tinfoil.
• Bake for 30min (or based on the cooking instructions of your pasta)
• When ready, take off the cover and bake 15 min longer.
• Before serving, let it cool down for 10 min, sprinkle with fresh basil and vegan parmesan.


• Roma tomatoes or tomatoes on vine 1 kg – 2lb
• Sundried tomatoes 2 cups (oil free, soaked for 15min in two cups of water. Do not rinse)
• Garlic 6 cloves cut in halves
• Garlic powder to 1tsp
• Dry basil 1tbs
• Himalayan pink salt to taste
• Cayenne pepper to taste
• Grape seed oil ¼ cup
• Parchment paper

• Preheat the oven to 320F.
• Cut tomatoes into halves and spread side by side on baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
• Insert garlic cloves in between, add salt and brush lightly with oil.
• Bake for 1 hour.
• When ready, let it cool down.
• In the meantime, blend sundried tomatoes in a blender with water and garlic powder.
• Add the oven roasted tomatoes and blend all together until smooth. You may add water if needed.
• Adjust the taste by adding salt, dry basil and cayenne paper if you like and set aside.

• Cashews 2 cups (soaked for 4 hours)
• Juice from 1 lemon
• Nutritional yeas 1tbs
• Garlic powder to taste
• Himalayan pink salt to taste
• Water 1cup (you may add more if needed)
Blend all in the blender until smooth.







❤️ That's looking extremely tasty!

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I am happy to hear that, thank you 😊

Mmmm, lasagna! That’s was a long time ago, thanks for the tip.

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You are most welcome, I am glad to hear that 😊

I would love to enjoy this delicious looking pasta al forno treat right now - simply yummy

Thank you so much Michel, I wish I could send you a big piece 😊

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Congratulations, keep up the great work!

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Thank you so much 😊

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Thank you so much 😊


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Thank you so much 😊

I want to make this lasagna looks so delicious

I hope you will Denisse. Thank you so much my Dear 😍

Looks delicious!

Thank you so much my Dear 💚😊💚

Anything with garlic and basil goes on my list of favorites!

Two of my favorite flavor too, lol. I ma glad you like it Melinda and thank you for stopping by; it means a lot 😍

I love seeing your posts! ❤️ You do inspire me to do more cooking for myself!

Oh wow! That makes me very happy Melinda 😍

Ohhh that looks so so good!
You could participate in tastytuesday with your recipes ;)

Thank you so much Ewka, I will check it out 😍

Oh this is a great alternative to the refined white flour lasagna! I didn't know this kind existed. lol. But this is the way to go without a doubt and non-vegans could just add cheese. That wouldn't be too bad of a cheat would it? lol.

Howdy Janton! Why would you ruin healthy lasagna with cheese??? Altough you could add vegan cheese DAIYA! The company even sell gluten free pizza. Check it out!

However, the lasagna is still much healthier and tasty enough without it. But thank you for stopping by, it means a lot 😊

well that's what non vegans do Miss Lena, they ruin vegan dishes with dairy cheese! lol. If I can find a flavorful replacement then I will use that, but I never tried any yet! I went to that site and it froze up on me but I still got it up, it looks amazing so I'll check it out. I wonder if they carry that brand down here?

Well Janton, cheese is addictive, because of the casein and protein produces opiates when digested, It is scientifically proven. You can read about it here:

Luckily, this never had effect on me and now I find dairy cheese disgusting! It tastes and smells, like stinky feet with vomit and puss! LOL! Which by the way all the milk contains because all the poor cows have infections form being constantly sucked so hard with those horrible machines!!!

I don't even eat vegan cheese very often. I bought Daiya Caesar dressing in Wallmart, so you should check there. They carry this vegan cheese brand. But I did't like the dressing, because it tasted too cheeze, lol. I gave it to my daughter!

Oh wow. Well, I guess I'm not addicted to it because I don't crave it and don't have it very often but it's hard to imagine pizza without it. But I like the looks of those products on that site you sent and the ingredients are great.

That's good, because dairy is the worst!!! See if you can find those products in Walmart. They should have some of them.

I'll check next time I'm there. These kind of products seem to be carried by more and more stores.

Exactly! Apparently, by 2030, the meat and dairy will be bankrupt, LOL!!! You can check the details here.