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There is one question we have about why honey produces honey? Well ... that question is the subject of our discussion today. According to information from the science of marphology that there are several reasons why bees produce honey, because honey is a food ingredient of the bee itself. So, the process of making honey is nothing but collecting food for a bee colony in a honeycomb that has been arranged by bees in such a way as for the bee itself.

The first step that bees do is to go to the flower and suck on nectar or honey water. Then bee suction honey obtained from the flowers is stored in the honey bag contained in the bee itself, then, bringing the nectar or honey water back to the honeycomb to be processed naturally in the nest.

This honey bag is part of the body in front of the bee belly which is slightly enlarged and shaped like a bag (you can see it in the picture in this post). Of course there are certain obstacles that limit stomach stomach tissue to honey bags. The initial process of making honey has begun since the nectar flower or honey water is in the honey bee bag. The sugar found in flower nectar undergoes chemical changes.

The next step is the process of removing most of the water contained in nectar or honey water, but it is not known that when the bee releases the suction results it is released through the mouth or from behind the tail. This happens by means of evaporation, which occurs because of the heat in the spider web and also because of the ventilation or air exchange that occurs in the nest of the bee colony, that is the natural process that turns into real honey.

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