Proverbs that express serious work.

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Good morning to all steemians.
In this week, the posts that I shared are always about
Because with the proverb, maybe a little soft to remind or advise someone.
The saying itself is a sentence that states indirectly a purpose, condition of a person or things that reveal about, actions, behavior or things about someone.
A thing that is stated indirectly but implied, a thing that can be understood by listeners and readers.


In everyday life, my father who is a Malay descendant, always advises
with a saying.


Once when I had difficulty completing work, then I asked my father; "How do I finish this job ...?
My father only answered in a sentence saying,

"if you are good at walking on the foam, then you are safe to go across".

At first I was confused because I did not understand the meaning of the phrase proverb.


After my father explained the meaning that is,
"Seriously doing something so that all the difficulties and work are done well", then I followed the recommendation.


I hope friends of the Steemians, as well as should do the work.
Try seriously, so that the results are maximum.
Good luck.

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