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Image by @kamiikazer (am in the wind)

I woke up to a celebration
Underneath the heavens , a party is born
There won't be shortage of rum,
Neither would there be for fun.
The lawn about to wither ,
Stairs littered with cigars ,
Man blames merry as he devours his liver.
Sitting tight to plastic chairs,
Clapping hands, raising bottles of beer
The sky grows red as wine refusing to clear.
For the worse things taste as cherry of a diva.
Its all fun and merry till the night, man becomes monster
Going in search of one another.
Same man who shares your wine
Conceives thoughts filthy as swine.
Truly a nightmare , a drink from a jar of brine.
With no one to save me this time
When the wind comes calling,
I will keep on running, till the sun breaks.
Offering another morning.
........kazer 2018
Tm-Narcissus...Tm-beast... Tm-god.

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Looks like a lit party.


Aint that right @shaheerbari. Real nice ..... thanks for stopping by . Keep it skianking am in the wind

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