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😮Wow !! 🤗Hurry up :)
👉Site Link -
🤑To claim the $1200 bonus, you have to do any of the following:

  1. Invest at least $250 to claim bonus.😲
  2. Refer others to invest total of $250. If you invest 5 people who invest $50 each, you qualified for the bonus.😌
  3. Create 5 review videos about us on YouTube and claim bonus. We will review the videos and grant you access to the bonus.🤪
  4. Write review about us on your blog with the link to our website embedded in the review. The review must be at least 800 words long and with good English.🤤
  5. Refer 50 active members. If you refer 50 members with unique IP and email, we will grant you your $1200 bonus.😇

If you are a content producer or an affiliate, this is an easy opportunity to earn $1200 bonus plus the referral commission you will earn.🙃

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Mar-23-2018 05:31:39 AM
👉Site Link -


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