Does the moon have light?

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The moon is a very popular thing in the natural world, it will always be known by every part of this creature, no matter whether the creature is on land, in the sea or even creatures that are in any nature will still recognize the figure of this month.

Its existence in this world is very long since the universe was created, it has existed along with other objects in the sky.

The moon that has existed since the world was created has never changed and been destroyed, the physical resilience of everything makes it always exist in this universe forever, and when the world becomes mortal the moon will be put by the creator in a safe location, although then he no longer serves as today (according to religious studies).

🌕 Then how was the moon shining ?

When the human eye stares at the sky at night, then we will see a light that comes from the moon itself, and that light varies according to the state of the moon itself, but what about scientific opinion about its light?

It's not wrong when someone says it's not shining if it is seen from the direction of the earth. In the case of the moon's own rays because of the reflection of the sun's rays in accordance with their orbits, hard monitoring from the sun can make the moon have light, however, not all of the moon's surface reflects light, this occurs from the entire surface, only half of it facing directly to the Sun, and reflecting light that is in accordance with the path of the sun itself.

However, the way the Moon reflects light is also different from mirrors that exist in humans, this is rejected by the formula of experts.

🌕 But what if there is a full moon?

Everyone knows the full moon because they see the light on the moon becomes full on its surface, so that when viewed from the direction of the earth the moon is filled with light, so everyone says the full moon.

When the light on the moon becomes full as we see it today, it happens when the Sun is directly on the Earth and Moon lines. When what is seen in the sky is a thin crescent moon, this indicates that the Sun only illuminates the moon from the side which is not located as in the full moon.

So thus the light coming from the moon is not the light coming from its surface but the light coming from the sun itself, this is confirmed by experts that the moon basically has no light and that it is very dark, on its dark surface is no beautiful light, as beautiful as seen from the direction of the earth.

In other words it can be concluded that the Sun that shines directly toward it gives rise to the light of the Moon. This reflection of light is then reinforced by a large amount of dust on its surface, so that it can look brighter on its surface. The dust contained on the surface of the moon becomes one of the things that can cause very bright light, so that when we watch from the direction of the earth the moon shines very beautiful and charming.

Then what about the religious view of moonlight? So in this case it will be mentioned in the next post ...

So that is the explanation of the things and conditions of the moon now and in the future, which will continue to happen until the end of this age. Hope it is useful for all of us. Thank you very much.

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