I did watch the whole game. And really didn't care too much who won but I was happy with the way it turned out. It was kind of a boring game though. Nicely played, just not very excited. How about you? Did it turn out the way you wanted it to? And did you have fun watching the game?

yes! well it was the only game I watched all year so I was starved. lol. I thought every second was fascinating because I'm a fan and I liked that the Patriots won. I know another team should be able to win but when a team is that good and I really love to watch Edelman and Gostkronski or however you pronounce his name and of course Brady is always so cool. they're just great to watch. Mrs. J fell asleep but I thought it was great. lol.

You do have to admire Brady! No one compares! I love all the pageantry and tradition that surrounds the Super Bowl. Some of the commercials for really fun to. And some of them really make me realize how out of touch I am with current culture. I knew that if I would have recognized who some of the people were, that I would have understood the jokes!

haha! exactly Melinda. We sit there and go huh? we don't know the people or don't get the joke in too many of them and that makes us feel out of touch. Not that I'm too concerned! lol.

My daughter commented that on her Facebook page there were a lot of the younger kids who did not get many of the references in the ads at all. She pointed out that some of the references were to things that happened in the 90s and these kids today just didn't have a clue what they were talking about. So it's not just us!

haha! oh ok, then I feel somewhat better! I figured we were WAY out of touch. Well then that's retarded for the advertisers to do those isn't it? I mean to make the ads so ...don't know how to describe them but you'd have to be a media professional to know everyone in all the genres I suspect. And they were paying like what, a few years ago it was 1 million for 30 seconds I think. lol.
Hey do you know anything about how delegations work for the person delegating? I've heard that you earn interest when you do them and others have said you don't earn squat, that you earn more if you just keep your sp in your account.

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