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What Is Streamity ?

Streamity is an entire platform for cryptocurrencies, centered around the concept of P2P exchanges.

Streamity will be releasing a line of services, and have already release the alpha version of their main service - StreamDesk, an app for P2P cryptocurrency exchanges using smart contracts to ensure security.


A simple use case of Streamity's StreamDesk:

Alice has heard about Bitcoin and decides to finally take the leap.

She looks online and finds a few local dealers.

What she notices though, is that in order to buy Bitcoin she has to first send her money to a place or person and then wait for them to send her back the amount due in Bitcoin.

This does not sit well with Alice who does not feel confident sending her money under those conditions.

With StreamDesk, Alice no longer has to worry. She can deposit her money, knowing that the smart contract will only release funds to both parties once the seller also loads the promised bitcoin into the smart contract. It ensures security while also being more cost efficient as it cuts down the need for a third party or an escrow service!

Streamity Live

The Streamity team will be live on YouTube to answer any questions the community may have!

Join To Streamity Youtube Official

About Design

This design proposal was made to follow the contest made by mediaworks, while the design is in the form of wallpaper & infographic which is intended to Streamity in doing promotion.

Design Result

  • Wallpaper

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  • Infographics

Original Files

Google Drive :


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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



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