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RE: eSteem - iOS v1.4.5, Schedule posts, Bandwidth saver, language, improvements, minor Android fix

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I love the Esteem app. I would like to recommend a few things though. When your looking at your personal page i would like to be able to post something new from there. I'm using the android app to. I had to look around and it took me a little bit to figure it out the first time. And another thing, Some of the options like friends breakdown list would be handy to. And finding out who looked at each post. Maybe i just don't know how to use it totally but i like some of the options of the computer platform because it'll be accessible to more and more people when it's on a phone app. I understand it's a new thing and i uploaded it when you first published it. Thanks for sharing and asking us for feedback.


Hi Jake, thanks for suggestions and feedback! Will consider this for sure, you are right though app has dozen features that is condensed and some features are left for users to explore and find 😊 will improve usability step by step