Sneak Peak of my "Baleng" experience in the Province (fishermen dragging a huge fishnet from the shoreline)

in esteem •  last month  (edited)


Hello itinerants all over the world and steem community! I am currently writing my baleng experience in the province. Baleng refers to the activity of fishermen catching a huge amount of fish by dragging a net from the shoreline. I had so much time since it was my first time to do it. I will be posting my whole experience soonest but for now here's a sneak peak of it.

That's basically it, Do you guys have any idea about it? Please share it on the comment section below and let's have the conversation going!


Twitter: em_diez
Instagram: @jee_diez
Facebook: @itinerantphblog
Email: [email protected]


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can't wait to see it!

Thank you! I will be posting it one of these days. Thanks for stopping by :)

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