Please doing business in Steemit, Don't For Plagiarism

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Dear Steemian

I think now is very suitable if we do business on this steemit platform is a natural thing when we feel there are benefits. But do not do plagiarism here, because your account will be stamped as a bad account.

When people in our community have left us, we must find good ways to improve our reputation. Even though it has to do business between accounts that provide pay-upvote services, it's the best way for difficult times like now.

We don't call people who don't have principles, but we also need improvements like our friends out there. Until when do we wait for donors who want to delegate Steem Power (SP) to us in the condition that our reputation is still low. Very difficult to get it.

It is not easy to get delegations from foreign donors. It's not easy to get Upvote from our friends who used to be in line in raising the community on this platform. Today they don't care about us anymore. Now what are you waiting for, let's find a way for each of us without having to think about our community which incidentally has an idealistic principle.

Do not plagiarism

Nevertheless. I also need to remind you all not to do plagiarism in making a post. Because you will be considered as someone who is not able to work on this platform. Besides palgiat is not a good deed, also you can blame with the law because you do not appreciate the work of others.

May we all today and in the future become successful people on this platform, and win the trust of great people to be moderators in their programs. So we should be given a reward delegation steem power (SP) without having to pay. However, we will work for the continued development of the programs they run.



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Thank you for translating my content