Your Failure When You Stop Trying

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Trying : Succeed,
Stop : Failed

Life is dynamic where conditions can change, sometimes we are above, sometimes we are below, sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are sad, sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, sometimes we are rich, sometimes poor, and so on. So therefore, we as humans must be good at thanking the blessings of life given by God to us. We must not be arrogant and feel ourselves more powerful, stronger, more excellent, smarter, and feel that we have everything.


When we are in a very bad position, of course we will need encouragement, help, and motivation from others to be able to rise again.

The point is, difficult times and worse conditions will feel very heavy if we have to solve it alone without the support, encouragement, motivation of the people closest to us (friends, and relatives).

When we feel very heavy because our position is very bad, of course at times like that we really need someone whose character is a motivator who gives us wise words that can make us rise again so we feel more calm than before.


The wise words from a motivator are very meaningful to us at times like this because the words of the motivator are able to give us new strength so we have the spirit of life. For those of you who are troubled and are being plagued by problems so as not to be sad about what happened to you (the problem you are facing), take a moment to read this post. Maybe, with the wise words that I tucked in here can give you a new spirit, fresh air, a new hope from downturn.

Indeed there are many things that make it possible to make our hearts break, even make the soul falter, but rest assured that after difficulties there must be convenience. But our disappointment and disappointment (frustration) usually arise when we are in a problem, usually it will make us behave and act more mature and more mature than before.


Albert Einstein's wise words in the picture above have a deep meaning and at the same time become a new force for all of us who are hit by big problems. That word is an extraordinary spirit. Albert Einstein seemed to say, you did not fail as long as you try and try, your failure is that you stop trying. So often people say "Failure is delayed success".

Albert Eistein has given us the path to success and the way we overcome and respond to the problems that hit us. So when we are confused, do not know should to complain to who? because our conditions are very bad, it would more better if we to reflect on Albert Eistein's wise words. That will be our motivator to be eager to try again, plant these words in our hearts. Our task is only to try to do our best and after that do not forget to pray and surrender to God Almighty.

Let's be excited to live this life full of dynamics, never stop doing something good, even though you have to fail many times, as long as you haven't stopped and keep trying, God willing your efforts will not be in vain.

Optimistic, active, diligent, resilient in your trying, and make yourself your own motivator

Thanks For Your Time

The Best Regards, @ijoel

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