The Story of The Slacker and The Old Grandpa

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It is said that in a village there was a hut that was only 5x5, not far from the settlement. There was a lazy man named Kaasilun. He doesn't like to work. His job was just daydreaming and sleeping. He lives with his wife and two small children in poverty and destitution.

One day, his wife cried because she and her children were suffering too much. His wife requested that Kaasilun work anything to bring halal rizki.

Kaasilun replied, "O my wife, from now on, you should not be sad anymore, soon we will become rich and wealthy people! Barsabarlah! I dreamed that I would become a rich person."

His wife tried to be patient once again. However, the day promised by Kaasilun did not come. The dream did not come, because everyday Kaasilun only slept and daydreamed. Families are getting poorer; the furniture was sold out, the kitchen was not steaming, there was no food for several days.

Finally, his wife's patience ran out.

His anger exploded, "There's no point waiting and waiting! Is the sky raining in gold? You have to go now to look for luck. Without work, your dreams will never come. If you continue to sleep and stay at home, our children will die soon. starving! "

Finally, Kaasilun decided to meet a wise man. He will meet an old man who is an expert and famous worship wisdom. He will also ask how to get out of poverty and get rich.

Kaasilun prepares emergency supplies for long trips. He walked for three days. At the edge of the forest, he meets a weak and thin wolf. Presumably the wolf was seriously ill.

The wolf asked Kaasilun, "Where are you going?" Kaasilun replied, "I want to go to the sheikh (an expert and wisdom) to ask how to become a rich person."

Hearing Kaasilun's answer, the wolf, "If you meet the Sheikh, explain to me. Then, ask him how to cure me. If necessary, what is the medicine? I felt an incomparable pain in my stomach since three days ago. I can't be calm at all, day and night. "

"Well, I will explain your illness to the Sheikh," Kaasilun answered. Then, Kaasilun walked for three days. On the way, he met an apple tree. The apple tree said to Kaasilun, "Where are you going, friend?"

Kaasilun then explained his desire to meet with the Shaykh of wisdom. Hearing Kaasilun's explanation, the apple tree said, "I want you to ask the sheikh who is close to Allah, about medicine for my strange pain. When spring, I flower, but the flower always falls, so I cannot bear fruit. Please ask shaykh, "what is the cause and what is the medicine? "

Kaasilun calmed the apple tree. He promised to ask the sheikh how to be normal and healthy again. Then, Kaasilun continued his journey. In the middle of the road, he found a small lake that was clean of water. He washed his face and looked at the bottom of the lake.

Suddenly there is a fish that shows its head on the surface of the water, and said, "Hi friend, where are you going?"
Kaasilun then explained his desire to fulfill the sheikh's wisdom.

Hearing that, the fish said to Kaasilun, "Friend, I feel an incomparable pain in my throat for a month. Please ask the sheikh, what is the cure for my illness?"

Kaasilun smiled and convinced the fish that he would ask the Sheikh. Then, he continued his journey. After three days of walking, Kaasilun arrived in a park covered with trees and beautiful flowers. In the middle of the park there is a river where the water flows clear. Next to the river, there is an Antikock hut. Inside the hut there was a bearded sheikh and a white beard, who solemnly recited the Koran. Kaasilun greeted the fish.

"What do you want Kaasilun?" The sheikh said after answering greetings. Of course Kaasilun was surprised at not playing. He hasn't introduced his name.
"How could the sheikh know my name?" Kaasilun asked.
"I'm the person you're looking for, hurry up and say that. Do you want to find me?"
"I came to you because I wanted to explain my situation.

Since I was born, I was poor. I married also a poor woman. I have several children, but still poor. I want Sheikh to explain to me, so I become rich? I want to have a house luxury, enough to eat, and have good clothes, my child and wife can live happily. "

"Okay, I'll explain. However, before I explain, do you have another question. Or is there something else you want to say?"

"Oh yes, Sheikh, almost forgot. On the way I met a wolf who was thin and weak, he was tortured because of the pain in his stomach. He left his question with me, what was the cause of the illness and the medicine, to Sheikh. Then, I met an apple tree whose flowers always fell, so he could not bear fruit. The apple tree told me to ask the cause and how it could return to normal and bear fruit again.

Finally, I met a fish in the lake who claimed to have a sore throat for a month. He also entrusted me with a message so Sheikh tell him the medicine."

The Sheikh corrected his seat, then explained, "What causes a sore throat to the fish is a gem which is swallowed by it and engages in the throat. If the gem can be removed, the fish will heal. The apple tree always blossoms before it becomes an apple, because a piece of gold is hidden beneath it. Gold always blocks the roots so that it cannot reach the food essence needed for flower growth. If the gold is removed, it will return to normal. As for the wolf who is emaciated and seriously ill, the cure is that he must eat men who are lazy and useless to their families. "

Then, Kaasilun bet that he can be rich. The sheikh simply replied, "Your dream will come true. Already, now go! "
Kaasilun walked with a happy heart until he reached the lake. He met a fish that couldn't patient wait for him.
Kaasilun said, "The Sheikh of wisdom said that the one that caused pain in your throat was a gem that was swallowed by you. If the gem can be removed, you will recover."

Then, Kaasilun was about to leave. However, the fish moaned and begged, "Kaasilun please help me, take this gem out of my throat. If you have issued it, can recover again! "

However, Kaasilun replied, "Why do I have to be tired? The Sheikh said that I would be rich! I have no time, goodbye, friend! "

Kaasilun continued to walk until he reached the place of the apple tree which had been waiting for him for a long time. The apple tree asks the answer that the Sheikh conveyed.

Kaasilun replied, "Your flower fell before it became an apple because a pile of gold buried under your stem. The gold blocks your roots so that it cannot reach the food essence needed for flower growth. If the gold is issued then you will return to normal (bear fruit again).

Kaasilun wanted to leave, but the apple tree said, "Kaslan, don't go first! Help me, the gold is for you so I can be normal again. "

Kaasilun just smiled and replied, "I don't want to be tired! The Sheikh said, my dream will come true! I have no time. I have to go home quickly. Goodbye, friend."

The apple tree cries. However, Kaasilun still went on his journey. Finally, he met a thin wolf.

Kaasilun explained briefly, "The Sheikh said, your medicine is to eat men who are lazy and useless to their families!"

The wolf thought for a moment, then said while looking around, "Aha, I don't need to find someone else who is lazy and useless to his family. That person is in front of me. You came with your legs to be my meal, Kaasilun. Come here fast, lazy and selfish man! "

Kaasilun is very afraid . He jumped and immediately ran as fast as lightning. He continued to run as fast as he could until he finally survived the pursuit of the weak wolf. Kaasilun was exhausted and sat on a rock thinking.

Kaasilun said to himself, "The wolf is right ... I'm really lazy! I have no right to live ... I have to go back to the forest to help those poor apple and fish trees! "

Kaasilun arrived at the lake and called the fish. Soon, the fish poked its head.
"Why are you back here, Kaasilun?" Asked the fish.
"I want to help you, let's open your mouth!" Kaasilun said. The fish opens its mouth. Kaasilun helps remove the diamond using his finger. After the diamond was removed, the fish thanked him and said, "Take the diamond for you, Kaasilun."

Then, Kaasilun went to the apple tree place. The apple tree was surprised by the arrival of Kaslan, "Why did you come back to see me, Kaasilun!"

"I want to help you take out the gold that is blocking your root so that you can be normal again." Kaasilun answered.
He then digs and takes out the gold.

The apple tree thanks and says, "Take all the gold for you, friend!"
"Not! I don't want to take it for myself. I will take it for me to share everything with the poor. I will work and eat with the results of my own sweat! "Kaslan answered firmly.
The tree smiled at Kaasilun's answer.

Finally, Kaasilun arrived at his hut.

His wife said, "Have you met the Sheikh? How do we get rich? "
"Yes, my wife, I have met. I have to work hard and not be lazy. I must benefit the family and people around. I will open the bushes behind our house to be field. I will also start selling small things on the market! "Replied Kaasilun.
Immediately, his wife prostrated his thanks to Allah and said in his prostration, "subhanallah wal hamdulillah, all praise be to you, O God. You have given your guidance to my husband! "

Then, his wife proposed to her husband, "My husband, you should change your name from now on. No need to use the name Kaasilun anymore, because Kaasilun means lazy. What if it's changed to Juhdan, which means hard work? "
"Yes, I agree. From now on, my name is Juhdan. "

Since then, Juhdan originally from Kaasilun, has been actively working. In a short time, he became a well-off person. He has a vast and fertile garden. He also has a number of shops on the market. Not only that, he was loved by the people around him, because he was generous and helpful to those who were in trouble.

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