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[Footage of the film Ayat-Ayat Cinta]

Hi everyone, this time, I want to review the film Ayat Ayat Cinta whose story is based on a novel with the same title as the title of this film, this novel is the work of Habiburrahman El Shirazy. I quote data about this film on the site:

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Movie data Love verses (Ayat-Ayat Cinta)

Here is movie data that I quote from Wikipedia

ProducerDhamoo Punjabi & Manoj Punjabi
AuthorHabiburrahman El Shirazy
ScenarioRetna Ginatri S. Noor Salman Aristo
Film directorHanung Bramantyo
The cast/actorFedi Nuril, Rianti Cartwright, Carissa Putri, Zaskia Adya Mecca, and Melanie Putria

This film told about a love story. But it is not just about the usual love story. It's about how to deal with the ups and downs of life's problems in the manner of Islam. Fahri bin Abdillah (Fedi Nuril) is an Indonesian student who is trying to reach his master's degree at Al Ahzar. Striving with the hot-dust of Egypt. Struggling with various targets and simplicity of life. Survive by translating religious books. All targets were followed by Fahri with enthusiasm except one: married. Why?

Because Fahri is a devout man who is so "straight". He did not know dating before marriage. He is less articulate when dealing with a creature called woman. There are only a few women who are close to him so far. His grandmother, mother and sister. Is that right? It seems like moving to Egypt made that change.

Such is Maria Girgis (Carissa Putri). Neighbors of a flat who are Coptic Christians but admire the Qur'an. And Fahri admits. Admiration that turns into love. Unfortunately Mary's love is only poured in the diary. Then there is Nurul (Melanie Putria). The son of a famous kyai who also dredged knowledge at Al Azhar. Actually Fahri put his heart on this sweet girl. Unfortunately his sense of inferiority which was only a farmer's descendant made him never show any sense to Nurul. While Nurul became doubtful and always guessing. After that there is Noura (Zaskia Adya Mecca). Also the neighbor who is always on his father's side. Fahri empathizes with Noura and wants to help him. Unfortunately only empathy. No more. But Noura is expecting more. And later this became a big problem when Noura accused Fahri of raping him

Finally Aisha (Rianti Cartwright) appears. The beautiful eyes that bewitch Fahri. Since an incident on the metro, when Fahri defended Islam from accusations of being old-fashioned and stiff, Aisha fell in love with Fahri. And Fahri also can't lie to his heart. Then how did the straight village boy face this? Who did he choose? Can he live everything in the path of Islam that he believes so strongly?

The film was really excited because there were a lot of "stories" behind the making that were even pushed back from the original schedule. In my opinion, the burden of Hanung Bramantyo as a director is very heavy. First, the novel is a best seller. Second, most novel lovers have great expectations of films based on best-seller novels. And third, missionary missionary Hanung Bramantyo which collided with the commercial mission of the producer. This last thing has become an open secret in making commercial films that the film made must be profitable or at least reversed. Moreover, the setting of the Ayat Ayat Cinta novel is in the country of Egypt and there are several sets that seem difficult to make using Computer Graphic (CG) or studios. For example, in the novel there are scenes on the banks of the Nile. Maybe using CG could have been made as if the characters were on the Nile, but in my opinion it was very difficult (even though it was possible) and because it brought the big names of the novels so I thought they were actually filming on the banks of the Nile (scene between Maria and Fahri). At the beginning of the film there was a pyramid in the background, I could instantly tell if the pyramid uses CG. This film crew really saves the cost of making films that had previously been spent uselessly (in the hanung blog told about behind the scenes of making this film), so that the market set in Egypt uses the location of the old city in Jakarta (this is seen in buildings that are often used in films - classic themed films like Gie), even a court building is used by a church in Jakarta (can be obtained from the hanung blog too).

Okay, now we proceed to the storyline. Before the film played in theaters, on a campus I had circulated a pirated version of the Ayat Ayat Cinta movie. Many commented after watching the pirated version that the Ayat Ayat Cinta film strayed far from the novel, even the picture was really ugly. I myself refrain from watching the pirated version because I have a commitment to Indonesian films I will watch it in theaters or buy the original VCD / DVD. In the cinema it's only cheap Rp. 10,000-15,000 why should you watch pirated with a picture quality that is far from standard. Why do I have a commitment like this, because I myself feel how tired of making films (even though I only made short films).

Okay, back to topic. I read a lot of negative comments about this film through forums that discussed this film, even though the film itself had not yet come out. There are even those who name certain religions, very poor for those who use religion as a shield.

Finally on February 28, 2008, the Ayat Ayat Cinta film officially played in Bandung cinema on regular hours which had previously aired at midnight. On that day I could not leave my job just to watch the Ayat Ayat Cinta movie, I decided to watch Sunday with my wife. The film starts and ends after about 120 minutes. Friends watched me (wife) who had not read the novel and even clapped while out of tears when the film ended. He said that this is the best Indonesian drama film. I myself who read the novel were really touched by this film. The director of this film (Hanung) really can ruffle the mood of the audience with beautiful pictures and good editing. After watching I remember the comments of my friend who had watched the pirated version. They said the story deviated from the novel, I disagree with this because in my opinion the important points of the Ayat Ayat Cinta story are still one track with the novel even though there are some parts that are missing but do not affect the core story of this film. Even the audience who hasn't read the novel can still understand the storyline of this film, even today my wife is watching again with her friends. Sorry before, until now I haven't watched the pirated version.

If the above is a review of the storyline, I will now review the cinematography of this film. Taking pictures from unusual angles by Hanung in this film truly reflects Hanung's style. If we look behind the previous Hanung films such as the End of School Records, Singles, etc. there are similarities in terms of the angle of shooting. The pictures in this film are truly beautiful and can make the audience seem to participate in the atmosphere that occurs in the film. There are some scenes that still seem to be "really soap opera". In terms of sound, in my opinion, there is still noise even though the noise sounds like "eliminated" but for me the sound quality of the Ayat Ayat Cinta movie is still within reasonable limits (the actor dialogue is still understandable). The cast seemed to be totally acting for this ambitious film. Carissa Putri who plays Maria plays well, Rianti who plays Aisyah plays well even though Rianti can't get rid of her distinctive style of speech on MTV shows. Ferdi Nuril also played well as Fahri even though many said he was not suitable to be Fahri. Compared to the novel, it is still a much better novel. Only in terms of cinematography, this film is above average.

The conclusion of this review is that this film is very good and must be watched and don't compare it with the novel. There are a few suggestions for women if they want to watch this film, before watching it is better to go to the toilet first and while watching do not drink a lot. The problem is that the film is around 120 minutes more and it seems like it's unfortunate if it's left behind for 5 minutes just because it's to pee. Don't miss even though it's a minute, watch until the end of the story !!!.

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