Enjoy a cup of coffee with steemit users, @kardevis

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Today, I drink coffee with one of the steemit users, @kardevis. He, at first, was very enthusiastic and consistently wrote and then post his post via eSteem mobile. It's been a few months since the price dropped free fall, there wasn't a single post that he sent to Steemit. And I keep asking my heart, what's wrong with him? why isn't he writing again? What caused it?

Today, when we were sitting while enjoying a cup of coffee in the Syarif Delima coffee shop, Lhokseumawe City, I asked him jokingly, Hi... Brother, why don't you write in Steemit again? Have you got a lot of money out there ?, I asked him.

Then he answered, I was not passionate and passionate about writing, for now I stopped writing for a while. And I'm dreaming that the price of steem will rise at a price of $ 100 USD.

He continued, I am currently collecting as much steem as possible and at some point I will invest steem or add my steem power first. Well, when my power power increases, I will just start writing. While jokingly, he said "If I write now, the reward will not be up to $ 1. It is a loss, just a waste of time. For me, better write and be active again later when I have a lot of power.

From the answer, although He was joking, I could judge that he did not write because the main factor was that the reward was small, and secondly he did not have enough power. And lastly, steem prices continue to fall like current steem prices.

Maybe this generally applies to other writers who were initially quite enthusiastic in writing, but their day stopped and disappeared like being swallowed by big waves. So it turns out steem prices, small votes and minimal (little) SP make most writers in Steemit not excited.

After I heard the answer, I tried to persuade him to get active again in steemit. However, he remained in principle, he still insisted (insisted) not to write in steemit before the price of steem headed to the moon. In addition, the lack of support from a solid community also makes one lazy and the end, they have no desire to write and also not motivated to write.

So the point is, the biggest motivator for writing in steemit is the encouragement in the form of interesting votes and the price of steem. Therefore, high steem prices and attractive votes are the main factors to foster the enthusiasm and motivation of the writers (bloggers) in steemit.

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