God's Loving Traits (Part 2): Tawadhu and Soft Gentle

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As a Muslim we should have good morals. In the Qur'an many verses that invite us to have good morality. Because by having good morality, it will certainly be loved by Allah Ta'ala. Here are two traits that are very beloved by Allah Ta'ala, namely: Tawadhu One of the characteristics of a person who has noble character is tawadhu. That is why,


Itsar has a meaning (more or less like this) prioritizing the interests of others even though he / she needs them. Itsar is a noble noble character. In fact, because of its nature, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala praised the Ansar in His word, "And they give priority (the Muhajirin) upon themselves, even if they are in distress." (Surat al-Hasyr: 9) Free Umroh 2017 What the heck.


Bismillahirrahmaanirrahiim, all praise to God who has given us great pleasure with the noble Prophet, the chosen Prophet, the loving Prophet-may the shalawat and the greetings be bestowed upon him-especially with this great and blessed religion that makes many things difficult to be easy. There is no difficulty in religious signs, obligations or prohibitions,


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