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Joint (Dyskarosis) is a medical term for cervical tests often show abnormal cell changes. It does not mean cancer. Unusual Before cancer cells are often called cells. Depending on the level of cell disorders changes in cervical cell disorders can be classified as follows.
ဆဲလ်် mild disorders (Mild Dyskaryosis) - means a cell having a small change. Lake 0 (CIN 1) -as called.

      - change in intermediate cells (Moderate Dyskaryosis or CIN 2)

      - severe cell changes (Severe Dyskaryosis or CIN 2) - This term is very unusual, but cancer does not mean that show.

Most disorders are becoming a cancer cell does not reach. Arrive back to some normal cells ဖြစ််. ငယ်် few years later, however, cancer may turn arrives.

If you see a certain change (Borderline change) need to check again in a few months later, again to the cervical. A few disorders in most of the cells can be returned fully to normal within a few months. The disorders are often advised to continue treatment. The treatment of serious disorders in women younger than removing abnormal cells before cancer.

The cervix must know, however, according to the doctor's advice and found the normal cells tested disorders treatment ခံယူပါက the risk of cervical cancer is very low.

To continue ဖတ်် Search - check the cervix (cervical screening)

What is cervical cancer?


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