Metamorphosis : Life means hard work

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Hi there, I hope everyone's doing good. Captured this picture the other day at school and thought this is what I was looking for.
We studied about metamorphosis the other day at school and although it was business related but the teacher gave an example of metamorphosis with a butterfly coming to life and all the phases it goes through before it can start looking like a total queen with all the colorful wings and details.

This also tells us, no matter what you go through, if you are doing it right, you are in for what you deserve and things will turn one day. The pain of hardwork and struggle shouldn't let us down, times comes for everyone. Just don't stop, and keep going.

Look at this little beauty of a creature closely.

Resharing this from weku @hananali
More to follow


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Wonderful photos and words🌹🌼🌻🌺

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Thank you, I am glad that you liked both the words and flowers. Plus, thank you for the flowers emoticons, those are beautiful :D ❤🌺🍀🍁🌾🥀

I'm getting to enjoy the Spring flowers coming up in all over my Canadian neighborhood in the next few weeks.

You're in for a lot of surprises, every spring is a while new surprise, the colors are so beautiful, all we got to do is admire nature for all that it has given us

very true hananali and that's a great analogy!

Thank you sir @janton

Hows life going sir?

Things are going very good here. Doing alot of work outside. The weather if beautiful
but this weekend we finally hit about 32C and above so summer is getting started. That's okay
though, I like to sweat, I think it's good for you.
Mrs. J's job is going well and she got a day shift position which she starts in 30 days so that will
be a great improvement and less exhausting.