Globalization : Massive drift

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Globalization has had a massive drift lately, fast food companies for instance. In the following picture, you see four of such famous fast food outlets, that are western based but have their branches all over the globe.


Texas chicken, Macdonald's, Subway, Pizza factory. This picture was taken in the city of Lahore that is on the complete other side of the globe to the respective base of all the companies. Letting people have the same facilities or luxuries all around the world by maintaining relations amongst people, companies or governments is basically globalization. As is Reaching out to your possible consumers all around.

It's a huge boost for business as well as for public relations. For example, a business that exists in USA can now be launched simultaneously in any Southern part of the globe. It has never been as easy to reach customers globally as it is now.

The only concern that people have is that its mostly a one sided traffic. You don't see other side of businesses reaching people/customers globally as you see the western side of businesses. People need more awareness in this regard and governments need to play their part in order to have a balanced trade, both of businesses as well as of public relations.

The picture was captured using Samsung Note 8 and has not been uploaded anywhere else yet.

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More to follow


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Howdy hananali! wow ..Texas Chicken?? I've never even heard of that one and I haven't heard of Pizza Factory either. But anyway, very true what you said, the world is getting smaller. I hope that's a good thing!
all out of voting power but here's a cent!

You haven't heard about Texas chicken? Living in the mountains of Texas all your life ? Oh may be they don't prefer opening stores at backward places who knows lol

Not sure about here but in Dubai, Texas chicken and Burger king are like sister companies and have stores together, so I am pretty much sure that it comes from same place.

I hope it's doing good for all of us, life needs more options

Howdy again hananali! I googled Texas Chicken and can't find any here so it must be just in other countries. lol. Very strange that a place called Texas Chicken is not in Texas. I'm sure you are right and they are owned by Burger King.
Did you finish school for this time period?

Texas chicken should be in Texas first and then anywhere else lol

School? it's off for the fasting month, and we have final exams right after it

oh, the fasting is for a whole month?? wow, that must be hard! The restaurants will go out of business!

It is for either 29 or 30 days, but a full month yes. The restaurant have breakfast and dinner deals that ho with keeping fast and breaking it so they pretty much make the most of the loss

oh ok, I get it, well that is very good indeed.

Yes sir, good for health, plus good for the needy as well, as more and more people donate things and distribute foods

It is kind of shame that McDonald's and Subway are what represent American food in the rest of the world. Although I have heard people say that the food at these chains is actually much better in foreign countries. I will never know, because when I am somewhere else the last thing I want to try is American fast food :)

True, I am not a big fan of fast food either, especially Macdonald's but people fall for big names, this is the reason you see Macdonald's, subway, pizza hut in every other town. People here prefer Western food because it's kind of different for them but I am not amazed to know that Americans don't really love fast food as much as people here do. We mostly prefer something that is new to us or that's not basically ours and not our own food. Balance should be there.

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