Exploring the city, Colors all over and Food ❤

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Hi there, its another wonderful day. Its been a while since I have been exploring the city, with. both family and friends. About food, it has been awesome. The quality, availability and taste are all good. About places to go to, not a lot but just about fine.
I have been staying home most of the time since I moved back from Dubai, except for now that I have started exploring new places in the city. On top of everything, I have started driving as well, yeah finally.


Water looks good no matter if its a natural waterfall or a small manmade thing.


The baloons and the colors surely got our eyes stuck for a while.


Loved the pattern of keeping the plants. Looks good and catchy, doesn't it ?


I love green, have made many posts about it and still love wherever I see any greenery that is well taken care of.


Another piece of green looking beautiful under lights


Some good traditional art that looks antique.


Some nice seating it was, shaddy in summers, just how you would like it.


And finally some food.

Chicken in barbecue sauce with egg fried rice


Chicken manchurian with egg fried rice
All in all, it has been some interesting few days with exams, job and going out in evening. Will be back with more.
signing out.
Have a blessed day everyone.
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