Everyday should be a labour's day

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Hi there, its a nice evening here and the weather is getting better with cool breeze and an expected light shower.

Now let's look into the picture I captured some days back. 20190519_175954.jpg

Saw some labours working around a brick stove even in the evening. With very minimal pays, longer working hours, tough weather, tough working conditions and a very hard job in itsef, this is the hardest thing I would say.

They work even at the labours day, because most of them are on daily wages and can't afford to take a day off as it will be tough for them to buy food that day for them and for their children.

These industry owners mostly do not only violate labour laws but also don't really care about the air pollution their business causes. Strict Laws and implementations should be made for both the air pollution and for labour rights that are being violatedat most such places.

I have seen women with very little kids working at such places, that is just not good enough. The gap between upper and lower class is widening with each passing day and its just too sad, to say the least.

Thats it for now
More to follow

Reposting it from weku @hananali
Have a good day everyone


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Howdy there hananali! Are you trying to depress us? Because that is very sad indeed. I hate it when poor people are taken advantage of!

I equally hate it but sometimes there's pretty much nothing we can do except speaking up about it, I hope every poor can get their enough share of resources and live happily

Howdy today hananali! well, alot of politicians are talking about doing a universal basic income program for everyone in the world that can provide a comfortable living so we'll see how that goes!

Oh wow, that would be amazing, Let's hope for good days ahead

yes, I think there is so much wealth in the world concentrated in very few hands so a program like that can work if it is done right. One of our presidential candidates has that as one of the things he wants to do.

I hope he stays true to his words and wins and makes an impact on humanity. Really looking forward to such people

oh, he's not going to win. He's at the bottom of the polls with a 1% popularity rating! lol.

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