Evening Energy

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Hi there, its another wonderful day and its about food, yet again.

Chicken Rice (Aka biryani)
Fried snacks
Snacks in yogurt
Fruit mix

Breaking fast, after staying hungry for most of the day is nothing less than a blessing. You learn to control over things and avoid sins. Fasting might look like striving, but in real its good both for the health as well as for our characters.

Patience is what we all human beings lack the most and patience is what fasting teaches us.

Thats it for now
more to follow


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Howdy sir hananali! great job on the fast and breaking it looks like alot of fun! where's dessert though? lol. I agree, most of us need more patience. Not me though, I've mastered that one. That along with humbleness! lol.

how are you sir @janton when will this ocdb start upvoting me, tired of being in the 50s lol

Plus, yes its a lot of fun while keeping or breaking fast and the dessert is always there, I just forgot to attach it lol

yeah, you are very humble and patient and a young man :D

Howdy hananali! did you request to be whitelisted with ocdb? Or are you just kidding around?
I thought you were spending most of your time on weku anyway.
Yes sir you are correct! I don't feel or look my age and that's just a silly number anyway! lol.

I tried twice with their posts about taking new people in, just didn't work I guess. I will try again if their offers comes up, or just let me know if you see them coming up with an offer.

You look half your age, happy? :P well, atleast I tried lol

Howdy hananali! I'm not sure how to get into ocdb but they cost alot of steem to make your rep score move, do you have steem to spend? Well, I guess it doesn't matter until they sign you up!

I can get steem from somewhere if they let me in, I should first be sure that getting steem will work. Plus, as you told me, you can do one post with 5steem minimum, if that still works then I can help about 5 of my posts currently and then even more.

Howdy again hananali! I think you can buy into ocdb with just one steem actually. Did you say that you tried to talk to them in discord?

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