Chicken Nuggets ? Well that what they tried :D

in #esteem2 years ago

Hi there, I hope everyone's doing good. Its another wonderful day here.

In other words, lets talk about food, Chicken Nuggets?yes you heard that right.

Here's the lid trying ot for the forst time, that too in his own way

Here's him learning not to bite when its still hot :D lol

Here are the rest of the beasts, some chicken cutlets as well.

Experiencing new food is fun, so is exploring new good things in life. Life is beautiful, we should live it to the fullest.

Thats it for now,
More to follow


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Chicken nuggets!!!! Our favourite!!! =)

Wow, that's good. I thought it would be a new thing for most of the people, but no I am living in the previous century may be Lol

Howdy there hananali! hey those look great, are those made by you? They are deep fried in some kind of oil? I like this post and the photos are very good and a good subject to demonstrate how to eat those!

Howdy sir janton, not cooked by me ofcourse but yes it is deep fried and tasted good. Do you prefer deep fried food? because I kind of don't, but if it is in front of me, it's hard to ignore Lol

haha! howdy hananali! it depends on what it is, but generally I like deep fried food even though I know it's not very good for you! But occasionally is fine. How is work going, is it still slow?

Work is slow, expected to take pace after EID (I hope you know what it is)

Plus, fried foods are not good for health but too good for taste so yeah a little once in a while is fine Lol

ok sir hananali have you talked about EID before? I don't remember what that is.
Is that the month of fasting?

Eid is the day that comes as reward for fasting, it's a celebration at the end of fasting month. Something like Easter

oh I see...and on that day you can eat whatever you want?

Yes, whatever we want, like any other normal day. How about your fasts?

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