Another day, another Pizza Bae

in #esteemlast year

Hi there, its another wonderful day gere, a little on the hotter side but good considering summers are on peak.

Also, its funny how many pizzas I have had in last one week, all from different restaurants, so the "exploring the city" thing continues.

This time though its not the type of pizza I like the most but the sauces and spices made it praise worthy. Its also funny that I never shared food on social media, not my thing. The amount of support you get here from the rest of the users and communities makes you share your life no matter if its the weather, food or any other regular activity.



Also the sweet colorful rice made for a good evening meal.

Thats it for now.
Will be back with more
Resharing from weku @hananali
Signing off


Those are the food we will eat too=))

Foods should all be universal, same for the language, what do you say?

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