Keukarah, Crispy-Sweet Snacks from Aceh

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Aceh is one of the regions in the archipelago that has a strong culinary tradition. Similarly, in the case of light snacks or snacks. One of the traditional Acehnese snacks that still survives up to now is keukarah or karah cake. This sweet and crunchy pastry is the perfect companion when relaxing while enjoying a cup of coffee from Tanah Rencong.

At a glance, the physical appearance of the blood is like a brownish white net that is layered. The shape is at a glance similar to chunks of dried vermicelli, because it is made from the same ingredients as rice noodles, namely rice flour. It's just a darker color, with a distinctive caramel aroma, which arises from the sugar added to the mixture. The blend of the two ingredients makes this pastry have a crunchy and sweet taste.

The process of making stealth is fairly simple. Rice flour is diluted with water and added sugar. The dough that has been mixed well is then put into molds from hollow coconut shells. The dough that comes out of the mold holes is immediately accommodated on hot oil while continuing to shake to form networks that overlap each other. The manufacturing process requires high agility because the mixture is easily charred if it is too long to heat.

Keukarah can be easily found at a typical Aceh souvenir kiosk in Banda Aceh. Keukarah can also be found around historical attractions, Cut Nyak Dhien House, which is located on the highway from Banda Aceh to Lampuuk / Meulaboh. Snacks which are also called 'bird nest cakes' (eumpueng miriek) were originally developed on the west coast of Aceh. Besides in Aceh, snacks similar to keukarah can also be found in West Sumatra, but are not as popular as in Aceh

Bireuen, 29 juni 2019


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