Surfer 1.0.9 update brings old post edits and interface improvements

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Meet our fresh update with lots of UI improvements and new functions. We've reworked some buttons, added battery with voting power to footer so you can always be aware of your current charge, added ability to edit old posts after payout and many more.

Voting Power

Now it's always in control. You can find new battery icon in the bottom left corner of the app. It updates everytime you are using your voting power by upvoting or flagging any post or comment. You may be same behaviour user as our team mates who was asking us to add this feature. People do usually wait until the battery charge for 100% and then starting their sharing rewarding trip into their friends feed. When you feel finally I can reward people you may become a bit too fanatic in upvoting if you are not seeing your current voting power. It drains too fast and each and every next vote will give less rewards to others untill you will recharge your battery again. So here you are.


Editing old posts

Steem team added a new commit finally enabling ability to edit old posts after the post payout lockdown. So now you can edit even something you wrote 7 days ago. This is very handy. We had an issue with our team mate @dunsky recently. He posted one of the stories about his commercial illustration order and after 4 months his client asked him to edit/remove some private information/image from the post. That time we had to use some hack to edit the post and was testing this function in Surfer as well. It was too unstable to add it in release those days but now it's ready and officially came out. Soon you will see same on and other clients as well.



We have added much needed notifications popup window similar to well known social networks. This is intuitive and handy for millions of users across the globe using different applications. Hopefully you will find it usefull in Surfer as well.


Drafts and Schedules visual tweaks

Drafts and Schedules are looking much similar to your profile or friends feed now. They have post image covers and you can see how they will look in the feed after posting. These images will help you to find proper drafts faster visually.


What is eSteem Surfer

In case you are seeing my blog for the first time...

It's a desktop client you can use on Windows, Mac or Linux to surf your steem friends feed/trending/hot/etc pages, upvote, comment, read replies, do all the other major Steem related stuff in your daily social surfing as well as wallet actions and of course few extras: search, discover different tags etc.


What's New in Surfer 1.0.9 Release

  • New Edit your posts even after 7 days payout period
  • New Table shortcut in editor added
  • New Context menu to copy steemit/busy links
  • New Reblog icon in your feed
  • New Tooltips for navigation bar
  • New Voting power battery in footer
  • New Unread activity count
  • New Drafts and Schedules pages now shows thumnbail of cover image
  • Improved Visited posts style
  • Improved Drafts and Schedules now have post image cover
  • Improved Sort by vote in comments is default now
  • Improved Activities interface
  • Fixed Reading mode window size
  • Fixed Post editing button

Download Now

exe file for Windows users
dmg file for Mac users
deb and rpm files for Linux users

Source code:
Report bugs:


Looking for mobile experience?

Check eSteem Mobile for iOS and Android with push notifications, bookmarks, favorites and other handy functions synced with desktop version.

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Man you are simply amazing, I would request Steemians to please vote for @good-karma as a witness coz he deserves it.



  ·  last year (edited)

The eSteem Surfer is a great addition to our Steem tools. It is the best reader/browser for Steem so far. It is so good we can nearly do everything without ever touching a browser. Thanks for this amazing work.

For one of the next iterations it would be great to get a delegation feature.

  ·  last year (edited)

Delegation is already implemented, please check Wallet page and there is Vesting section that includes Powering down, Power up and Delegating portion of your power. You can even see who you delegated to by clicking on Delegated SP... We will do eSteem Surfer Tips on that soon.

Awesome job! Boy, your Mac app is fast! Articles load instantly - this is nothing I'm used to with other apps. I'm excited! Thank you!!

@good-karma I'm still amazed by your app and I'm deeply in love!
Just one quick thing: I'm used to swipe with 3 fingers to the left to scroll back one page in a browser.
Is there any chance to make this possible in the app too?

Upvoted 100% thanks to @fyrst-witness, @fyrstikken, @booster team - awesome software that we use every day!

Thank you, appreciate the support!

First of all let me say thank you for the new update. I love it. I have a question and I hope someone can answer it. I'm uploading a screenshot which has two arrows marking thwo small circles, one with a dot in the middle, the other is empty. Can anyone tell me what is that about?

  ·  last year (edited)

Nice catch and good eye :) It is an indicator for read/unread posts

Thank you! I wouldn't have guessed, ever 😋

From now on I will remove the esteem app from my Android, already 1 month I always post via esteem but no response from @ good-karma, thanks.

I bring new content and new people to steemit community , I help the Israeli community to grow .
we will appreciate your support in minnows.

Number 1

Number 2

Great day ,

Off course they use esteem , and me also.

We need to keep our new blogers.

I've voted you as a witness.

Super! I might just go and edit typos in old posts :D
Also, battery power idea is kickass! Love it :)
And notifications 🎉👏🏽

The thing I really love in this update is Draft posts image covers. It will made my Steem life much easier preparing different posts. Thank you so much for contribution!

I'm so glad the esteem condensers added this, editing after seven days should be possible, especially it comes handy in making contents immortal on the blockchain

Sleek! I just started using this app and I keep feeling like a boss each time I am making post from it. Very user friendly and aesthetically appealing. To top it, you get free upvote just by making post through the platform. Too good to be true but it is 100% true. Kudos to the team

I don't normally use esteem, but once I buy my new phone, i may think about downloading the App.. I tend to use Steemit on desktop (even use desktop site on mobile), or Busy (of course Steepshot, and D.Tube). Looks good, I'm liking the improvements.

Give the awesome apps(mobile/pc) a try, you would love it more than any

how are the rewards distributed? is it similar to how D.Tube gives Steem as an extra reward?

rewards is simalr for all apps on Steem blockchain!

Steem Blockchain determines how it will share your payout rewars not platforms

They have post picture spreads and you can perceive how they will look in the feed in the wake of posting. These pictures will assist you with finding appropriate drafts quicker outwardly.


You might know about this one. Every time I post a comment, my app is frozen and I have to restart esteem. Could just be an user error too. Ack!

I'm sure you are talking about the Mobile app! update will be released soon, sorry for the inconvenience

No worries at all. Appreciate all the work you guys do. Just thought I’d share so it can be improved for everyone.

Are you talking about eSteem Surfer (version for PC/Mac) or eSteem Mobile for smartphones? What is your application version?

Thank you very much @good-karma I really like the power battery footer...and also the other new features. I love posting through esteemapp on my desktop. Kudos to you sir and all your team!

Looks great!! Thanks for the updates, i really like the edit past post feature. Have a great day.

  ·  last year (edited)

is there any option to get notifications in our feed ?

you will get push notifications if you enable it in settings

Go ahead @esteeem
Love you @good-karma

This posting is awesome, thank you to @good-karma

Thanks for this! I've checked on the play store but the update for esteem mobile is not yet available.

Great post I really like this

This update makes me eager to write in this app

I'm going to have to see how well this functions for those using screen reading software. So far I've not been able to experience the features very optimally.

Will update it soon and to be honest I liked the notification part it looks pretty cool and is indeed a nice update !

Yes, notifications now has numbers on bell icon, easy to track how many activities you haven't seen yet. We are working to improve this section even more, stay tuned! :)

I love that esteem team keeps improving the application regularly.
Thank you for your hard work!


@good-karma.saya sangat butuh dukungan anda.

Terima kasih @good-karma

Hello @good-karma, your continuous efforts here is highly appreciated, hope to see IOS version of surfer 🏄 soon.

We are working on eSteem Mobile improvements as well :)

This is an awesome update! I love the app already and now it's even better! I'm still new so I didn't know you're a witness, but I'll give you a vore 'cause I can see you're helping the community!

Keep doing that, I respect that A LOT!

Excelente información, y la manera de desarrollar el post esta genial!

Thank You so much! just what I need to optimize my curation experience using eSteem Surfer, and I love the notification bell now, instead of the ball, now I can see the number, can you make the same thing for eSteemApp too?

important content! thank you for publishing it!

Wow, really want to try it. Continue to bend forward and expand to be the best, bravo eSteem. and eSteem, you'r is the best

Lovely application this is. Very easy to use and the update is just unparalleled. I will install this on my mac. Thanks for sharing. Really appreciatable efforts and works from you @good-karma.

Thanks for information sir @good-karma

Thank you! I wait for updates every time and they come with very nice surprises!

useful information, going to download new update eSteem surfer 1.0.9. best regard

member of EFA's founder

Great changes. I like these, especially the power battery. Maybe next iteration you can add a voting power scale like Busy has so users can change the percentage of upvotes they give from inside the app.

Thank you i will join you

I would be the first to use this..

Thanks much sir @good-karma hhmm I hope you'll add the FIND feature, its different from the search box that is already included since the start. Adding FIND is much easier to find a certain key word that is used or being mentioned in the post just like the chrome browser when you click windows+F on your keyboard it will allow you to find a word on the field where you at.

God Bless

There were a lot of requests for this feature recently and we are working to implement it. So expect it in one of the nearests updates :) Thank you for your comment!

wow! big thanks to you guys..

Good post @good -karma.

Thanks ..

Just installed it on Linux.... awesome!

Let us know how it works on Linux, which distro are you using?

Mint 18. No issues so far. But I didn't test everything.

Hello @good-karma, the pace at which the @esteemapp is growing is amazing. However, Why can't #esteemapp support multiple accounts? Also, can we have more than one page viewing to ease those who use it on PC?

Why can't #esteemapp support multiple accounts?

Both Mobile and PC app. supports addition of multiple accounts!

can we have more than one page viewing to ease those who use it on PC?

can you make more elaboratton on this please?

wow ... unceasing innovation. more stable with its renewal

Saya sangat menyukai aplikasi esteem.tapi kadang kadang kenapa macet harus kita keluar dulu baru bisa buka lagi

Sama bg
Sering kayak gt

Itu yang harus di perbaiki supaya lebih enak kita pakai

Ohh new interface is looking awesome and different from last one..
I'm excited to use this new interface..
Thanks @good-karma for making Steemit as better platform for us as well as for our next generation.. I hope there are lots of new features in pending. And we can see some more features on Steemit in next one or two years..
I posted a blog about those features which are missing on Steemit as compare to centralized platform like Facebook, twitter or Instagram..

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you are amazing

This update is absolutely perfect for our use, thank you already update it.

Thanks guys. I've just started using Surfer to schedule future posts. Everything working great.

Every day when esteen surfer comes and grow with a special innovation. Proud for @esteemapp and @good-karma.

Wow you guys rock!
resteeming and I am sure @rebeccabe will be very interested in resteeming this too!

Great job! This rocks and is the big seller if you ask me.

Editing old posts

Thanks for all your hard work. We appreciate your team.

Tip! .10

@ericvancewalton you have to check out #esteem and what you can do with your writing now.
Also @writersblock check this out!

Thank you @rebeccabe, yes it is important to be able to update old posts and add perhaps some new insights or pointers to new posts.

Very excited to see new update

Hey @good-karma why esteem was not upvote my post??

Hey @good-karma why esteem was not upvote my post??

Bro this is good application to upvote automatically thank you bro for this update

Yes !
This is what I want.

Great work here guys! I recognize a few requests from the community taken into consideration for the upgrade. That is was makes this platform so special! Appreciate your hard work @good-karma!

Fantastic post friend

Hai @good-karma
this is a very good app, i would love to use it, thanks for sharing this nice app.

Upvote and Re-Steem

Finally i don't need to refresh the steemd just to check my voting power.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thank you @good-karma for the information. hope all of us steemit citizens can use all that information.

Thank you very much for keeping this valuable work tool @ good-karma updated and in continuous review. Receive my affections

Excellent enhancements, especially being able to edit a post after payout! Keep rolling out the terrific eSteem Surfer updates! @good-karma

honestly, esteem make the process to posting more easy with many formats. but i want to ask why esteem not upvote my post ?
cause i have read some article that if you post through esteem aplication you will get rewards like upvote from esteem

Thank you for doing STEEM - better. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо, что делаете STEEM – лучше. Удачи Вам и Любви.

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

Thank you for sharing, although I think that my PC is no longer a glove, this type of programs I will review to see, regards and my regards.

eSteem on! Hello sir im a newbie on this platform and less knowledge on new tech, but im really willing to learn so that i can support my family. Thank you @good-karma 😁. May God bless you always!

Thank you good-karma

Post yang sangat bagus,dan bermamfaat

Post yang bermamfaat

how can we buy steem power???

It is a good we can nearly do everything without ever toching a browser. Thanks for this amazing work

Great post Sir @good-karma, i remember last week you have released eSteem Surfer 1.0.8 but today, for next improvements E.S 1.0.9 has release. That great and hard work for 1 week. I want write translations (indonesian) if i got the permit from from you. Many thanks

Dear Sir @good-karma I personally congratulate you for your uninterrupted round the clock efforts of making @esteemapp very interesting and full of new opportunities and it's a reward for the believers of our dear Sir @good-karma

Just started using Surfer, ITS AMAZING! Thank you for great work. Enjoying it a lot.

Hi @good-karma

This is a great development for self esteem. hopefully eSteem more advanced in the future

I'm using esteem mobile app v1.6.0, its works well for everything except when I try to comment on a post. Once I submit the post it just freezes and I need to restart the app. hope you can fix this. :)

I see the more perfect esteem.

Thank you good-karma

very interesting information my friends ... hopefully this game more easy and continue to find new ways ... thanks
@karma good

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Awesome Softwear...

thank you very much @good-karma, notice from you so additional science!

Surfer 1.0.9 update is awesome

Good posting

From now on I will remove the esteem app from my Android, already 1 month I always post via esteem but no response from @ good-karma, thanks.

thanks i do it

Let me download it. It looks simple to use and easier to access.

Hello help me with upvote my fir @good-karma

Shared on twitter promoting #Steemit. Stephen

Surfer 1.0.9 update brings old post edits and interface improvements. #steemtalent #JoinSteemit #Steemit @Steemit

#esteem #surfer #steem #development #application


Właśnie dziś zacząłem korzystać z #esteem i muszę powiedzieć że bardzo mi się podoba. No i oczywiście masz mój głos na witness

That's why I love esteem, always be the first to adapt the new version Steem. Already tried to edit older post, and it worked. I'm so excited.

I wish the team all the best. This post is featured on today's Joy News (in Chinese :D)

I love reading your post I want to study with you. by. @dewa123

Sir your post is very beautiful very interesting your all post I love your #post
Sir I am new user on Steemit
My reputation is just 30%
Sir I am best apvoter and comments sir please help me Thank you

wellwork sir @good-karma

Hi @good-karma! Thank you for the continued improvements! I love being able to use #esteem from my phone and tablet. The easier it is use and the more functional it becomes, the more my blogs and interactions with Steemians improve. Being able to pair it with the desktop surfer is amazing! The capabilities being added are awesome and time saving for non-technical people like myself :) Much gratitude to you and your team!

your sharing is good ,thanks.

Increase the career of surfer #Fefer hopefully all the steemian can use #esteem surfer maximally with guidance #EFA

your just simply amazing sir @good-karma Now got more reasons to be hooked up in here... loved it

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