Man you are simply amazing, I would request Steemians to please vote for @good-karma as a witness coz he deserves it.



The eSteem Surfer is a great addition to our Steem tools. It is the best reader/browser for Steem so far. It is so good we can nearly do everything without ever touching a browser. Thanks for this amazing work.

For one of the next iterations it would be great to get a delegation feature.

Delegation is already implemented, please check Wallet page and there is Vesting section that includes Powering down, Power up and Delegating portion of your power. You can even see who you delegated to by clicking on Delegated SP... We will do eSteem Surfer Tips on that soon.

Awesome job! Boy, your Mac app is fast! Articles load instantly - this is nothing I'm used to with other apps. I'm excited! Thank you!!

@good-karma I'm still amazed by your app and I'm deeply in love!
Just one quick thing: I'm used to swipe with 3 fingers to the left to scroll back one page in a browser.
Is there any chance to make this possible in the app too?

Upvoted 100% thanks to @fyrst-witness, @fyrstikken, @booster team - awesome software that we use every day!

Thank you, appreciate the support!

First of all let me say thank you for the new update. I love it. I have a question and I hope someone can answer it. I'm uploading a screenshot which has two arrows marking thwo small circles, one with a dot in the middle, the other is empty. Can anyone tell me what is that about?

Nice catch and good eye :) It is an indicator for read/unread posts

Thank you! I wouldn't have guessed, ever 😋

From now on I will remove the esteem app from my Android, already 1 month I always post via esteem but no response from @ good-karma, thanks.

I bring new content and new people to steemit community , I help the Israeli community to grow .
we will appreciate your support in minnows.

Number 1

Number 2

Great day ,

Off course they use esteem , and me also.

We need to keep our new blogers.

I've voted you as a witness.

Super! I might just go and edit typos in old posts :D
Also, battery power idea is kickass! Love it :)
And notifications 🎉👏🏽

The thing I really love in this update is Draft posts image covers. It will made my Steem life much easier preparing different posts. Thank you so much for contribution!

I'm so glad the esteem condensers added this, editing after seven days should be possible, especially it comes handy in making contents immortal on the blockchain

Sleek! I just started using this app and I keep feeling like a boss each time I am making post from it. Very user friendly and aesthetically appealing. To top it, you get free upvote just by making post through the platform. Too good to be true but it is 100% true. Kudos to the team

I don't normally use esteem, but once I buy my new phone, i may think about downloading the App.. I tend to use Steemit on desktop (even use desktop site on mobile), or Busy (of course Steepshot, and D.Tube). Looks good, I'm liking the improvements.

Give the awesome apps(mobile/pc) a try, you would love it more than any

how are the rewards distributed? is it similar to how D.Tube gives Steem as an extra reward?

rewards is simalr for all apps on Steem blockchain!

Steem Blockchain determines how it will share your payout rewars not platforms

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