Surfer 1.0.8 Update Brings System Notifications

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We are ready to serve you another portion of new functions and improvements on our Steem blockchain desktop client for Windows, Mac and Linux. We had been working on system notifications for more than two weeks and happy to announce it is finally out.

Now you can get real time notifications on any blockchain events related to your account such as votes, mentions, replies, follows etc.


What is eSteem Surfer

In case you are seeing my blog for the first time...

It's a desktop client you can use on Windows, Mac or Linux to surf your steem friends feed/trending/hot/etc pages, upvote, comment, read replies, do all the other major Steem related stuff in your daily social surfing as well as wallet actions and of course few extras: search, discover different tags etc.


What's New in Surfer 1.0.8 Release

  • New System wide push notifications
  • New Redesign of notifications and activities service
  • Improved Activities page
  • Improved Wallet link removed from navbar user menu
  • Improved Feed section removed from profile page

Past releases notes

Download Now

exe file for Windows users
dmg file for Mac users
deb and rpm files for Linux users

Source code:
Report bugs:


Looking for mobile experience?

Check eSteem Mobile for iOS and Android with push notifications, bookmarks, favorites and other handy functions synced with desktop version.

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Surfer made easy its a great step towards a new achievement it will help alot.

A awesome post is important for me, thank you to @good-karma

congratulations ! your publications are good! I would like to follow you always!

This surfer update makes me excited to write here

Well ... I lag the information, thanks @good-karma
Ready to upgrade

very interesting and useful for us ,,, good karma success.

This posting about surfer 1.0.8 update brings system notifications make me happy, thank you to @good-karma

I like updated surfer

For me this is one of the most exciting news, good luck to @good-karma, hopefully her future esteem always be the best application

hopefully eSteem is getting better with its updates 😊👍

Saya sangat senang dengan ini,terima kasih @good-karma

hey @good-karma, i think you guys should add a setting button where we can change the display preference as we wish. like zoom in/out. i don't feel good to see posts in small size, please tell me a way to fix this.
For your concern , a screenshot:
Thank you

Inilah yang saya tunggu-tunggu,terima kasih @good-karma semoga selalu sukses

Good Job @good-karma 👍

the surfer app is getting better with new features that are user friendly.
hopefully more and more steemian that use app eSteem & surfer. 🙏

thank you 😊

Saya sangat senang dengan yang baru, terima kasih @good-karma

Thnx for making our steemit experience better

Thank for you and most welcome to@good-karma sir..I like it this past.. give me a upvote done sir. . . best of luck.....

i'm download surfer (1.0.8)

I'm sooo impressed with your development speed! You always surprise with some nice features. Thanks!!!

Wow nice platform
thanks @good-karma

You make the community easy use and guided how to surfing on esteemapp you are so good @good-karma everything is nothing imposible unless were not doing not h ing.this post is so very useful to me very interesting nice and I salute you @good-karma to your good and nice project esteemapp.

this is a very important post for us.i am useing esteem app.thank you very much good -karma.

I just updated mine and this is an awesome companion to the mobile version of Esteem.

esteem app & esteem surfer is excellent platform. my favourite, thanks for @good-karma

The esteem community is really doing an awesome work in developing this platform, as for the esteem mobile app, it's really cool and easy to operate with.
Thanks @goodkarma and @esteemapp

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Hope you'll get a good post like this..

I am a happy and satisfied user of eSteem app. 😀

Let's clap, I can not wait to surf the latest version. Hey @owner99 , @yandot , @podanrj and @dodybireuen come here.

"Download Now" link target is release 1.0.7
May be you want to change this. @good-karma

ESteem application continues to be developed for the convenience of the user. Thank you @good-karma.

Thanks @good-karma. This is great. This platform requires this for getting notified like other social media sites.

That's amazing but i am still using 1.0.5 :( but i love esteem surfer.Its very easy to post through surfer

Excellent, I'm using esteem surfer 1.0.8.. Keep working @good-karma..

great platform.
Thank you

Very good post @good-karma , eateem app for android sometimes haveing lags and gliches and sometimes work slow.. Had u experienced yet???
I used it in Oppo A37.
In Which mobile phone u used esteem app?

Very fast development eSteem when just installed apk. 1.0.7, but I am very happy with the new progress in eSteem

I hope esteem surfer will bring more creative and useful for all steemian

I am happy to see esteem continue to develop themselves. Hopefully the esteem gets better and better.

Very interesting of course to follow every Update from eSteemApp app .. hopefully it will make it easier for all eSteemian

continuous renewal for this esteem application is certainly a remarkable achievement, for esteem users

Thank you @good-karma over the eSteem surfer update. Good luck..

Incredible @good-karma, esteem surfer continues to innovate, providing the convenience of surfing to its users.

Thanks for the informations :)

I look forward to every update. This is a very useful one and brings more ease and pleasure to use the eSteem Surfer. We need notification! Thank you very much! I'm trying to make the app known to as many people as possible, they for sure will be as enthusiastic as me when they see how the Surfer work. Resteem this post for more visibility and every single post I make has a Surfer's presentation!

I'm happy there's been an update app esteem..thanks @good-karma..

Thanks @good-karma, I will try to use it,,,

awesome.. i have download it. and now i want try to post.. thank for improvement good-karma and team

wow :)

nice !!!

thanks :)

bluengel_i_g.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

With no updates I think all users will prefer to esteem and became a lot more.
Success always esteem ...

So when can we download it? I clicked the download link for desktop and the latest release is 1.07.

Thank you for doing STEEM - better. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо, что делаете STEEM – лучше. Удачи Вам и Любви.

With the new surfer, then all his will be more perfect.

Thank you @ good-karma, I like it

This is very amazing, thanks for the information @good-karma

@esteem & @good-karma THANKS FOR NEW UPDATES

Wow..a great post ,thank you @good-karma 😀😀,I'm happy using esteemapp 😀😀👍

I love eSteem surfer and will download the new eSteem sutfer 1.0.8 to update my last installed

sir. @ good-karma. Excuse me, if I am not mistaken, you misplaced (linked) eSteem Surfer 1.0.8 download link. There Download Now is still eSteem Surfer 1.0.7 link. So, the eSteemians please visit the following link to download eSteem Surfer 1.0.8 Click Here or
thanks you so much

Another great update @good-karma
Good job boss :)

But I see you enter the Download link for eSteem Surfer 1.0.7 there @good-karma

It really is cool I just updated and liked the new notification button ;)

Cool work done @good-karma

keep flying esteem...!
higher and higher again.

An incredible application sir @good-karma because I love your post, it is amazing and you are really great.

Hi @good-karma

Day by day eSteem your app looks more sophisticated, with updates to the latest version. This is a sign that eSteem is getting more and more cool and great day. we will continue to wait for the latest updates you announced in your post. #from your loyal eSteem users. Regards

Very usefull innovation to help us, thank you very much

This is great!

really the latest innovations, which are on "esteem surfer", the addition of features lets me know who gives the "upvote" by coming out on the side of the monitor screen to the right. I see more and more "award" apps continue to improve their apps both on "self-esteem surfer" and in "mobile pricing". We are very easy to play. Thank you @ good-karma for the app.

Another good update by @good-karma ! Keep it up.

Excellent application, this utility was one of those that I wished that the tool had. Congratulations and success @good-karma

Well ... I lag the information, thanks @good-karma
Ready to upgrade

It's a great pleasure to have this new version. it made easy to use all of the members. Thanks again.

In @good-karma we love and trust! eSteem On! :D

just what I need.. to react on the mentioned post as soon as ginabot dm me.
this is awesome, just updated the latest version without going anywhere but clicking and wait.
wish you continued succeed!

I can't find the resteem lol can we also have a spell check? dupdated mine already

Wow, one minor upgrade in one week. Your team has very good talent.

Semoga sukses

sudah saya update. Mantap lah

your blog is very friend for you.

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