How to change connection server/node in eSteem?

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If you are using older version of eSteem, you are likely connecting to server by default and app is not able to fetch posts because server is announced and discontinued/upgraded to So please update you connection node to one of public end-points/servers.

Go to Settings page and change Server field to one of the servers listed below and save changes (sometimes restart of app might be required). It should start working again...

Some of them might be down for maintenance mode as well depending on providers, for example is down for few hours due to maintenance, but there are others you can try to connect to...


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Hahahaha, I am as developer of esteem here. When it mente maintenance services, they come to me.
Joe ? Why esteem can't to input anything ?
Wait I call @good-karma, later I tell you. Haha... Thanks ma man.

Good to save this server for later.
Keep on steemit

cool i had problems only on the mobile phones apple and android in the last 24 h . This is what happened.

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Thanks @good-karma for these helpful instructions... Highly appreciated!

Thank you friend,i love you steemit

Thanks for you @good-karma because this information is very good and I will follow in the ways that have been informed...👍👍👍👍👍

Thanks for you @good-karma because this information is very good and I will follow in the ways that have been informed

Thanks for this update, seems its working for some with Android but on the ios app it only has two options for the server wss:// or wss:// and neither seem to be working,

I have tried typing in all the others and none of them seem to connect and are not saved into the list

Sorry if it comes across as whinging just trying to give info so this can be resolved i am missing it so badly LOL

I use IOS app and I've tried to get mine updated properly but have had no success. I tried last night and also tried this morning again (with several of the suggested updated server list) but had no luck with any of them.

Hopefully there will be a solution for us soon.

Well it worked fir a while yesterday but this morning seems to be not working again at least on iOS

I had the same problem and was able to solve it by doing the workaround i posted here. Hopefully i could have helped you ;) Let me know if the problem still exists :)


trying your server settign didnt work but it did do somehtign as the app switched back to the other steemd server and is working now, thanks so much :)
Thanks I tried that and it didnt work for me, and I tried 3 times and tripled checked that it was typed correctly maybe its geographic or something,. it did work for a while last evening but not now

but thanks for trying it is appreciated

Mine has been working but it’s been intermittent. I have an iPhone 7. Esteem started working yesterday for me and has most of the time since.

Lots of stuff being updated this week.

Yes it’s been a crazy week on here
The app is working intermittently fir me also now it’s working

Glad it’s back working now
I’m trying to catch up again

I confirm as well what @cryptokeepr wrote. For IOS doesn't work 😞

Do you have a solution already?

No I have had no luck are you using IOS also
Maybe we have to wait for an update

awesome thank you. I had seen your previous post on the discontinuation, then noticed this morning the app was completely borked out.

Thanks. This solved my problems with esteem app. After changing the server connection it works again.

thank you @good-karma I have made changes to eSteem settings

Ya I definitely never knew how to do that. Thanks for showing me.

Thank you for your @good-karma post information is quite meaningful to us.

Thanks @good-karma, for updates about this issue of a changing connection server in eSteem.

Thank you for sharing. I anderstand

Nice app, but I'm wondering if it's safe

i till have trouble, but my phone sucks so maybe that's it.....

I have done in the eSteem application according to this post and it is done.
WhatsApp Image 2018-01-08 at 02.14.14.jpeg

Sorry...but still having problems. Typed in exactly as above for the server address and others...always saved..always restarted...still not able. What do you feel I may be doing wrong. Thank you in advance

Uninstall first and then install for new one on playstore.

Thank you...will do.

I found a alternative workaround for the problem and posted it here. Maybe i could help :)

Thank you @good-karma
New information for me, fix repair your application.

very good post and I really like it. thank you @good-karma

Very helpful post. Thanks for sharing.

Hello @good-karma, i use your app from a other acount for more than 6 months, and know i want to try the scedule tool, but it dont work i try to schedule a post but it never publish , some times it publish, its habe deley? I need to be offline? I need to set it minimum after some minutes or hours? I draft a post , i schedule it for 1 hour later or less, and them i come back after 2 hours or i just wait and the post is not publish , but i steal can see it in schedule page. What happen? Thanks for your time and sorry for my english

Thank you for the Good-karma information

Thank four shering...

thank you @good karma for sharing this information.

Good night father @ good-karma hopefully in the protection of God Almighty.
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thank you @good-karma
I love you steemet

thank you very much for the information @good-karma

Thanks a lot, this information really helps me in using esteem. A few days ago i often experience network error problem when will post something.

I needed this information. Thanks. I stopped posting on esteem because I had troubles posting. I will try to do that, so hopefully is gonna work.

Why can't the app be set up to automatically connect to the best performing server?
Also I think a lot of esteem users don't know about this and think the app is bad.


thank you @good-karma

I dont know i also want to know

Plz vote

This post is loaded with information! Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for providing very useful info to steemians.. Good job..

Thanks for the update, please do the app has a newer version now? If yes please I will need the link to download it.

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This is very insightful and helpful.
Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing this very helpful information 🍻 I will try it.

Oh, that was the reason why my eSteem client was silent for today! Thanks a lot! Changed the server and now it is working again.
I appreciate you!

Thanks for the kind advice, hoping that now esteem will be more effective after this change. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

Thank you so much. a very useful share sir @good-karma

Esteem not working for two day now...i will restart the apps, thank you for updating

Help me Like

Please Like 🙏

I am an esteem user .. but today i can not access my account esteem all day long, posts that I made can not be posted. Finally I copy to web and I post from the web. thanks @good-karma for this information, i will reset the code

Thank you so much for all information.... very usefull

I have made these changes now, thanks for the printscreen, it helped me out.

Thankiu,bung @good-karma

Thanks for the information, I was having problems from my cell

Tq information, Wish me luck

Nice post! I highly appreciate your effort in enlightening we the steemians on how to how ro change the connection server/node to esteem. Keep it up. I upvote you.

Thanks for information
Good post

thanks for this useful information!

Not working, i use ios, how to update?

I just started using esteem yesterday!

thanks for the latest updates and hopefully esteem always be the best @good-karma

father @ good-karma thanks for the infonya semoha father easy sustenance and success always ... please father vote have me at

Everything seems to be out of whack these past couple of days - I don’t see any of those options.

Also, Minnow Support Upvote is down & I used to rely on them for a little nudge... @good-karma

Tap on the 3 lines in the upper left corner. Scroll to the bottom and tap on settings.

Bilgilendirmeler için teşekkür ederim.

I have problems with esteem app its often slow and crashes. Maybe its the server gonna try different one now. Thanks!

thanks for sharing this @good-karma... if i didnt see this post maybe until now iam waiting for esteem to work....

Thanks, @good-karma for sharing information
Best regards,

They requested that i should restart the app.Athuogh it later started working but it took time .may be network ,i guest.thanks for sharing .Am now enjoying the updated version of esteem.

What nice job your Steemit I'm following you I wish you will support me thank you @good-karma


I've tried 3 of these so far and none of them have produced any different result. Still won't show any posts or updated info on my blog. I tried the as well and it didn't fix anything (I restarted the app each time as mentioned).

Thank you brother.

You're so incredibly intelligent! I don't know anything about programming and it seems that so many Steemians are so technically advanced. I almost feel a little out of place lol. But hopefully I can gain a following through my journey here on steemit :) Keep up the great work! Someone's gotta be brains around here ;)

thank you info

It's a very useful and benefit post for new camer like me, i do not know much about this setting. Thanks a lot @good-karma. May you succeed in every side.

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Thanks @good-karma and thank to update.

Thanks for information.
good post

not work in my provider :(

thank you @good-karma for the information setting eSteem, very useful for me.

Cool,The app is not working on my Android phone,But why?

very good post thanks :)

@good-karma before I say thank you very much for providing this very valuable information, I want to ask whether the application eSteem for iPhone has been updated? I'm having this problem when I open the eSteem app for iphone.

I'very good text bieutiful
@good karma

Thank you so much Sir @good-karma.... 😇🙏♨️

Very well, thanks @good-karma for sharing this.

Informasi yang berguna

I have changed the settings successfully. Now it works.

Thank you brother for your post, really very useful before my esteem application can not run smoothly, but with the posting of my esteem application can work again. Thank's @good-karma


thanks i will try it now


Very useful update @good-karma. I changed the server and now, it works and I didn't know that I also could turn on notifications for upvotes, comments and so on. The only issue I found is that when I go to see upvotes, comments, reblogs, mentions etc., it shows old upvotes and other things just are reloading and can't see them. Is it connected to the server? Thanks very much for the app anyway.

Thanks for sharing, its very helpful for me.

Very useful info. Thanks for ur sharing @good-karma.

Have a nice day. Regards.

Nice Post!
Thanks for information @good-karma

Thanks @good-karma this is a valuable info for all developers.

Thanks for your important information and continued support of the platform!