Yippee! This is another great news! I believe every IOS user would be glad to have this. The most attractive thing is; it launches with a bunch of interesting features, unlike how the Android version was released. It's a job well done!

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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

im still android <3 :)

Great, that's why we have you covered as well 😉

How nice, i hope it will be excellent!

This is excellent news. Will give it a bash shortly!

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Great! Looking forward to hear your feedbacks 😉

Good update! I have not seen the app since V1.2ish. Logging in now and so far so good! Round of applause to the whole team, especially for persistence.

Good! I strongly believe that this latest version will put more smiles on our faces.

Thanks for your hardworking on making #esteem great.

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My phone is getting hot like hell when i am using the esteem app. Anybody know why?

Thank you for your report! We will check it out. Stay tuned for update

Am going to test drive the iOS version. @GoodKarma
The UI looks good.

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Good-karma anda sangat luar biasa,,saya suka info ,karena info ini penting sekali untuk kami dan teman,teman di esteem.

Just started the download. Will report if I do find any bugs.
Small bug in this post.

Please download new application from Google Play.

Of course this should be the Apple app store.


Login in via steemconnect works but has a strange layout. When typing the username the field is moved outside the screen.
Just cosmetic.

updated, thanks! 🙏
Please share screenshots because it is easy for visual explanation!

I do add the screenshot via the esteem v2
This is via busy

thanks, that's weird issue indeed. we will work on this right away! 👍

Test uploading image via esteem v2 in reply.
If image is not displayed it didn’t work 😔

Oh I see now, it works, only markdown format is wrong. It is minor fix, which we will be fixing. Good catch 👍

Cheers 🍻 ... that great man!
I've waiting this for long time 😎

😍 Let me know about your experience using, personally for me it has been great, as I daily use it myself and more improvements are in pipeline to get best UX possible

i will share it on my post 😁

@good-karma ...Welcome esteem Developer Team When you cover this notification, the application stops working until I re-enter the application (Android)

Nice this is light years better than the old platform which I have been using exclusively... well until now. Great work!

Hmm, maybe its time to change the App ;).

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Did find another strange behavior when switching between 2 accounts.
Both accounts have been added via steemconnect. But when I do close the app and start it up again. The other account (not active) is gone. If I do want to add it again via Steemconnect is give the error that the account is already added. And indeed when I do cancel and go back I can switch the accounts. This only happens when the esteem app has been closed.

I was looking for something like this, this is awesome, thanks!

I can not click to the dropdown 'trending'to change my feed in homepage.

I can click to tags at posts in homepage but nothing happens.

By the way, I like the interface. If I encounter other things, I'll be writing.

Thank you.

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It's great that someone thought about it :)


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I can honestly say, MAJOR IOS IMPROVEMENT!

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Finally going to test it out! I installed the previous version but I didn't fell too comfortable giving the active key without steemconnect to be honest.

Good news for all IOS users. Thanks for this news.

I'm testing on android, thanks!

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Just downloaded it. Looks pretty great so far, great job and a big thank you!

Hey @good-karma, is the "ignored" notification the reaction of someone that has "Mute"ed you? I actually didn't know until someone muted me. =)

The point here is, that there are two different wordings... for the same thing. Although its kind of logic, for some people it might not. Not sure what would be your preference here, but I would stick to the origin... you can also state that "you are being ignored" but then explain that it was due someone muting you.

Hey, ignoring and muting is same thing and you are arguing that muting is better wording, while we think ignoring is better. Whole concept of censorship-free is that nobody can censor you or mute you, but people can ignore you.

Humm... good point of view. I wasn't actually thinking about the real meaning of it, but now that you came with it, it makes much more sense yes.

I was just trying to understand the technicality of using something that can reference to the same "function"/"transaction detail" inside Steem. So that whatever we call it, it can always be easy identified with what it binds to in transaccional steem code. Although, motivation to change this can be also part of the strategy here, and for that one, yes, ok, plus github change request.

Now it feels I don't need anymore that to be technically clarified, because I came across it. Anyway, thanks for the reply. I did my research and found it anyway.

Great work with all the software. Really changed the experience, especially on the new v2 for iphone.

Any plans on supporting things like SteemHunt? =)

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Why would I use this app over partiko? Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks!

Use of app is always choice of user, you!
We have different feature set and goals compare to other apps and we are the first mobile app built on Steem and our apps are fully opensource, anyone can check the code of application to see what it is doing. Which means your funds are as safe as they can be, compare to closed source apps which you don't know what's happening behind the scenes if you private keys are being recorded or not. We also allow full control over your data, posts, comments, which server you are connected to, etc. It is always good to have more mobile apps for Steem users so they always have choices, ultimately it is about our users who uses app and they deserve to have best user experience and features. Together, we build the future! ;)

Cool, thanks for the detailed response!

I'm just android
I do not have money

This is excellent news. Will give it a bash shortly!

Thank you, I’m downloading the IOS app right..... meow.

Thank you, I’m downloading the IOS app right..... meow.

Downloaded. Looks great and runs smooth. Big improvement.

Thanks, this is one of early improvements. So expect more regular updates and additions

good-karma everything about this is great and likable but I wonder, is it suppose to be this much slow or my mobile is not supporting it?

It should be very fast, we have tested it on number of iPhones and it always was very fast compare to Android devices. In newer Android devices it is even faster. If you mention your device type, we can double check.

@good-karma SIR, I have android kitkat, I would appreciate I you a simple check for me.

Great ... You posted it , I am searching for app on playstore since I join the Steemit.

Can we already use this now?

congratulation for ios user to use esteemapp

✔️ the best event of the week !!! #eSteem

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The button does not work on the iPad - comment
I can not comment on posts - nothing happens when I click

I can not comment and vote on iphone X

Good News will try the App today ;)

Thanks for your good work!

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thanks for information

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Hi @good-Karma and thank you for your really great work - but there is one thing missing, I am sure it‘s my fault:

How can I search for example only for the #esteem tag, ?
Please show me a link where this is explained,

Thank you, Robert

Nice post, @good-karma thank you update

Very good, downloading and waiting for smooth service. Thanks @good-karma

Thank you, let me know how it works for you 😉

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Can't wait for Android

Buena iniciativa

i have download the app and login successfully but i think app need more improvement like it's taking too much time to load home page

we are working on it, thanks for feedback!

So glad I came across this, great work!!

The most attractive thing is; it launches with a bunch of interesting features, unlike how the Android version was released. Think u

downloading and will try, look for this for nearly half a year!!!

this is a great update.

I have it on my Android phone, it's not at all user friendly, I think @partiko is better than esteem v2

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Any chance on adding a view posts from comments in notifications like steemit site

Just downloaded and posting this comment using the app. Thanks!

it looks great, I just hope that google play does not delete it as it is doing with all the apps that have to do with cryptocurrencies

so far, we haven't seen delete on any of our apps, because we follow all google playstore and apple appstore rules, guidelines

Those apps were not up to par with terms of use. Many of those I bet were ran by good people but with fintech I can understand a need to be up to par. Those that were removed can still redev to fit terms, which is a normal issue when trying to sell a product that deals with someones assets or info.

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So minor bug when viewing your own blogs. You can endlessly keep scrolling repeating the last blog. Like infinite clones.

Also should had feature to view keys from wallet.

yes, thanks...we have that in our todo list!

Another bug, can’t always upvote posts. Rather screen isn’t formatted to right size to view full page, for voting and resteem. Using IPhone 7.

Downloading and ready to test 😉👌🏻

incredible news.
a very useful work @good-karma

Thanks @love-peace... It is big milestone for us to finally have Surfer v2 and Mobile v2 completely released to our users.

Great News just going to download.

Should add a feature to view post from the mentions in notifications.

Thanks for the marvellous news. I will dive into it very soon!

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