Great news for steemit Members. Steemit now become a place of learning. We can learn about society, Religion, Heath, Science & Technology, educational & Entertaining news around the world. I think eSteem University will be a great source of knowledge. Thank you @good-karma :)

This is such a great initiative! Kudos man!

come here @cicisaja, you gonna need this to grow your account and teach me later about this after your graduation.

Aye aye captain! Will do my best...

Am interested in this

#thank@good karma for this educative post

this is very interesting @good-karma. I have also been working on bring education to the block. You might like to have a read of this

Maybe we can work together on this some how ???

Great going @paulag! Our eSteem university aims to do something similar - we aim to cover a variety of topics whilst encouraging, enabling and empowering teachers/students on the steem blockchain.
Do join and discuss with us in #esteem-university channel of eSteem discord.

Great initiative for eSteem! Count me in!
It's a great thing to do and share to others all about Steem like what I'm doing right now in Thailand for my students (eSteem Education).
Always here to support! 🤙

This is a truly forward thinking, super valuable in utility proposition! I love it!!!! This is what true crypto and communities are supposed to be all about! I'll definitely look into it and brainstorm some ideas :) Way to go @good-karma! Mad respect for this community of eSteemians, you guys don't sleep on the future.

looking forward to the great ideas and possibly #esteem-university-korea soon ;)

Stop reading my mind :P

congratulations on the eSteem, for the launch of the eSteem university project and hopefully we can help more experts to become professional content creators. Good job dude @good-karma

eSteem University This will be more perfect for the future of the steemian, they will start it in an educated way.

@good-karma, am interested. I'll love to be a tutor and a student as well

join us on eSteem discord and share your ideas in the esteem-university channel!

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