eSteem server upgraded

12 days ago

This is short notice of recent upgrades on notifications, image upload and other services running behind the scenes.

These servers slowed down due to growth and increase in concurrent operations from eSteem.

To give you better mobile experience with eSteem, this weekend worked on server code to separate logic between notifications and other services. It will allows each service to grow separate from each other and eSteem to stay performant on backend. You probably will notice upload times and bookmarks, images, drafts faster than before as of today.

Next release of eSteem has also improvements for better usage and performance. Before we roll out upcoming release, we had to fix major hiccups so we can continue to scale and allow more users to enjoy their eSteem experience.

Stay tuned for more news about some other changes that is coming...

Steem On!

Feel free to reach out if you have questions, issues, suggestions, feature requests! | Website | | Telegram | Twitter | Github

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Very good work! One thing is still missing, that I find rather important. I can't use the slider when upvoting someone one esteem? Or am I just being a noob?


You can tap and hold upvote button for 0.5 second to get slider, also you can use Settings page.


I didn't know that too.
Is the slider available for only those who has more than 500SP ? I can't check that because I have more than that.




Ok, I was just being a noob then! Ok, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for replying so fast!
That's some service.


thank you for the information, I hope this esteem application can continue to improve its service, and can run well.. success for esteem and you @good-karma


didn't know this... thx

Thank you so much @good-karma

I also couldnt figure out how to use that slider, thanks to you.


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Definitely I must check this out! Thanks :)

Excellent application))) Thanks for your great work done))) My husband enjoys using)))

Esteem is my favorite ios app.
Cool to know.

Good to know, you are doing an awesome work. I had trouble uploading pictures on slow network last week. Hopefully that is history now.

Upvoted from esteem 😆. It's a must have app, it's getting me through this morning waiting for this interview.

So here I am on esteem mate! You are absolutely right, its more rapid.
Thanks so much for this man!

Great work friend! And yes, it seems to go faster now.

Yup, it works a little Better, cuz sometimes it uploaded comments and posts for like 2-5 mins, now it's faster, thank you ;)

ESteem is now faster than what it use to be a month back. But then it still needs to be fast. It often freezes and on several occasions I had to restart my mobile.

Uploading images was a pain, let me check now. Hope the next repease will solve all our problem.

@good-karma It always does this on first go, than I enter again and no problem. Is problem my android or esteem app?


Parfait! C'est juste ce que je cherchais. Esteem fonctionne parfaitement!

Thanks for all your work to make steem mobile app be a good experience.

Great news, I can see much improvement!! On my IPad now :) keep up the best work


Many thanks for all your work on this. It's now a lot less buggy than it was when I started 3 months ago.

Thank you for the good work and keeping us updated 👍

there lots more to improve. keep it going .

Good work, thanks!

Great job sir, your contribution towards the growth of steemit is second to none. keep up the good work. Steemit taking us to the moon soon.

thank you for the information

waiting for new updates .

Great post

my app keep crashing

U jenius

Just getting aquatinted with the community, really, but look forward to the next release of eSteem. While I do still prefer to access the community via my laptop's browser, an upgraded mobile application could definitely change that.

What's the best way for us to communicate our preferences or suggestions fir future design and features?

Cheers, and thanks for your efforts here in Steem!

Thank you very much. Recently time problems appeared. I use eSteem every day.

Good post. Visit my post in my blog @auliasiddiq

Absoutely great work!! Appreciate your efforts! @good-karma! Thank you! ☺

Thank you for updating @globetrottergcc

Thanks for upvote

The system design better but one question sir im from Nepal dat it server so slow why can u give me answer the reason about to slow hope I ll get my answer

Nice, good performance needs time to implement so that we could use steem on our way. Thanks for the update

thanks for the upgrade. love the app..

@good-karma thankyou for this information sir this app is wonderful

Thanks for your application

Hopefully the next launch of eSteem will soon go smoothly ..
eSteem is very accomplished and very useful for eSteem users ...

eSteem best application

Great news dear sir. THANKS @good-karma

I'm using the browser instead of the app, because the app can become quite tedious and slow. I understand that steem is still very in its early stage. Maybe in a few years steem won't look the same as it looks now. App upgrades are very welcome, the app has a friendlier user interface. So I hope with time it will become faster and that we all can have a smooth experience.

Great news to hear! I've enjoyed the esteem experience since the first release and it has shifted my usage of steemit! Thanks good karma for helping the community grow :)

thank you very much

Great post .thanks@good-karma
have a nice day.

Nice you..
Follow my

Thank you very much, use the app daily.. I love it... I noticed last weeks that uploading pictures was difficult. Keep up the good work.

Well holy shit, I just found this. Ima download it RIGHT NOW


Okay I can't log in lol.

This information is very important, eSteem keep doing the development or improvement to make it easier for users of eSteem applications.

This makes it easy for those of us who use eSteem, we desperately need to work quickly so that each post can be enjoyed by followers.

The development of eSteem is urgently needed, facilitating the work of every post in Steemit. Thank you very much @ good-karma who always have an idea of ​​making changes in eSteem, and always support and provide motivation to the steemian

Thank you! For your support through your amazing and also thanks for this update as i have be waiting for it. Thank you! @good-karma

Thank you for his announcement of the upload in the gadge. I feel there is a disruption in my submissions evocative since yesterday, but I've found the cause after reading your writing.

Hi can't log in with smartphone in steemit

Thanks for sharing - it's always nice if something works faster! Do you think there will come the feature to write messages within Steemit?


thanks so much! esteem upgraded

Thanks ..for will help us.

this application is the best @good-karma

Thank you for the information. It can at the right time for me. I am just getting to learn about steemit. Please when you have more information do not exitate to post. Once again thank you and well done. More gresse to your elbow

Just another question. Is there secure to put our password in this sort of applications? Is it open code to be verified by people?

Thank You for the continuous improvements. I have been using it lately on Android and iOS and have to say that the Android version works way better than the iOS one.
on iOS the app is still really slow, a lot of bugs, and keep closing by itself. I don't know if You are aware of it.
While on Android it runs pretty fast and no bugs at all :D

Awesome, I'll have to check it out.

Better is always a good idea :)

Today, l i try hard to post, and when upload image succes, i can't see the preview. I hope the update make #Esteem better for future. Thanks @good-karma and team


hi, @good-karma , after the esteem update, i then try to use it about 1 full hour, maybe more. overall upgrade makes the esteem so much better. but on my smartphone, for an hour of usage I encountered a problem for three times, the problem occurred when I opened the page people then do click follow. here two times I experienced a sudden stop app, and one more time when I tried to load feeds on the home page. I do not know for sure if this is because of my smartphones or the effects of the app. thank you for making this app better. regards

This a some screenshot when the app stop (you can see the time in background) :

First stop

Second stop

Third stop


hi, i tried it again, and the preview problem is normal again. the upgrade also fixes the tag column, usually I'm having trouble seeing the tag I'm writing, but now it's better. thank you

Here is what i got after update :

Screenshot for Preview:

Screenshot for tag column:

And the image upload is better now, awesome, thanks again @good-karma and team

Short message but very usefull...thanks @good-karma

Great info! Very nice. That means steem is at least planning something or developing something to have a brighter future in the world of cryptocurrency. That should be a good news for all of us steemians.

eSteem often restart several time when I try to post an image and video directly to my handset.

Thanks for the hard work. Thank you also for updating us. I'm a proud user of eSteem and am eager to go update my app now.

How to use Buy Steem using SBD in eSteem, it only shows the graph and open orders?

It's looking good boss!

that's a great system eSteem thanks for your information @good-karma

Finally got around to downloading the app :)
Thanks for the reminder haha

So here I am on esteem mate! You are absolutely right, its more rapid.
Thanks so much for this man!!!!!!!!

So here I am on esteem mate! You are absolutely right, its more rapid.
Thanks so much for this man!

thanks for information my friend follow me back @good_karma

YAY!!!!! 💕😍

Great work you are doing. Thank you.

Good post . . .



I am new here. Like this @good-karma for my mobile phone. Will download. Thank you.

great post! feel free to follow @neowne for free steem!

thanks for the good application information

Thanks for sharing!

I'll check it out and see how it is working @good-karma! It was really very slow the last days and freezing very often!
I love using esteem when travelling or watching tv, i know you are doing a great job in making it better and better!

Thanks for upgrade eSteem. My eSteem yesterday error image upload.

good post good-karma ...
but can you help me, how to get lost account password.
please give your explanation.

OK. Let me just say my mind now.
That app still have a long way to go. The gui still has issues and it crashes occasionally.
It drains data too, and to me, a browser wrapper inside an apk is better that this.

The developers should work on this.

Upvotes for the developers tho


Good job men

awesome can't wait for the update ,enjoy using the app cheers!

Thanks for sharing! The info about the update and a link to your post were included in the wiki article about eSteem. Thanks and good luck again!

thank for voting me in my posts

Post very good.

we need polls too!

Like it

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thank info @good-karma.
me vote and resteem post

I like to use esteem app for android (on my samsung tabs2 tablet) but people have told me that I might have to worry about it making my tablet vulnerable to hacking..? Is this true and what can I do to protect myself? I use lookout mobile security.

Thanks for the information man.

Hopefully the esteem gets better. this app is very helpful to us. I thank many of the creators. hopefully the future success @good-karma

Thank you for the upgrade. Uploading images is now faster than it used to be. Good job @goodkarma and team.

At last! I almost uninstalled my esteem app because it is slow and I prefer steeming on the website directly. I'm happy to know that the app is being updated. Thanks!!!!

thanks for your information @good-karma

Amazing , cool

That update is so much needed been so frustrating with the slow upload speeds.
Awesome stuff guys looking forward to these enhancements.Keep up the good work your are surely appreciated in this community.

Waiting... Waiting 😉

Good post.Upvoted. Followed u. Thanks tomar upvoter jonno.

Thanks for this wonderful information about a great tool we used for steemit mobile access. Been interesting using this cool app and looking forward for this interesting update and performance.

watch this funny vid

I started to use eSteem yesterday and it works quite good! Keep on the good work :)

Hey @good-karma! Im very new to the steemit community. I found the mobile esteem app but for some reason I have never been able to get it to open on my iPhone... I put in my username and password and the screen just goes blank... it get a white screen... I've deleted the app and reloaded but still i can't get logged in... any suggestions?


Have you tried to scroll up and down to see if screen shows up? Screenshot would be really helpful, also would suggest to try Advanced login option where you enter private keys.

i have some questions about your application . so if i download the app will my password and account information be encrypted ? im curious , but anyways is esteem the same as the actual steem site ? or are there some differences ?


Everything is kept locally on your device, eSteem doesn't send any private keys out of device. Project is opensource and source code can be reviewed. Steemit is one frontend and eSteem is complementary mobile application offers some unique features.


ok thank you

I am new to steemit. Hope i learn soon enough so that i can catch up with all of you. Have a great day.

@good-karma This is great news. Nicely carried out!.

That's why it worked a bit slow these days maybe?
Also, should i reinstall the app or update because today hasn't worked at all. I bearly can read one post then is stuck there. Doesn't go back to the list :-(.

Or wait few more days till you finish updates.

Anyway, thanks for the app.


Thanks for doing great work for us.

Congratulations @good-karma!
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I noticed it yesterday... what a difference before and after... posting and uploading pictures is 7 times faster.. thx again

this is very good @good-karma, i always rely on the application of esteem umtuk upload photo and notice. during this process of application work began to slow down, I hope the update process will be launched faster.

@good-karma Sharing to acquire this observed a lot more (and maybe open the eyes of a few)! Thank You for any effectively submit and documented write-up!.

What is esteem??


eSteem is first mobile application for Steem!


Wow that's great i'll give it a try thank you for answering me

Very good work! One thing is still missing, that I find rather important. I can't use the slider when upvoting someone one esteem?



Tap and hold upvote button to get slider, eSteem already supports and has slider. Let me know if you could use it

Terima kasih atas semua pekerjaan Anda untuk membuat aplikasi mobile uap menjadi pengalaman yang baik sangat bermanfaat brother stemian thanks kanda @good-karma

work very well
I love it and love to follow you
vest plz follow me @mudatnad and give me want value from esteem.t
thank you

@good-karma Wonderful put up And that i desire steemit experienced a sticky or pin selection due to the fact That is a type of Specific posts..

I like resteem App. Thanks.

esteem is the best service so far to do blogging on the go...eagerly waiting for new improvements...cheers!!

This is awesome. I must try it out.

Thank you so much for this information.. I was confused while encountering the difficulties..

Thanks @good-karma I always use Esteem for my post.

Thank you!

I have noticed a big difference in my photo uploads!

Thanks as always @good-karma I use esteem but do have issues with the app as it usually hangs... I guess the upgrade will help... Thanks for the good work

@good-karma that's nice to hear this ! good work ,congrats for your work ,I followed you ,be kind to do as well @braveheart22 , for quality posts too ,thank you !

i always use this app. thanks @ good-karma