eSteem iOS: v1.5.1 released, Bug fixes, Golos removed and other changes

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The app is looking better each day! Good work.

Good job @good-karma. I love esteem. It is so user friendly and posting is so easy on it.

Wow... Esteem is really the bomb..........

GOOD KARMA I LOVE ALL OF YOUR POST....I WISH U LOVE MINE...could you please check on it...:) I would love to hear your opinion . STEEM IS SO DAMN GOD. so esteem is :ů) I LOVE NEW do you? if yes just read this

A mi me gusta mas la app se me hace mas facil para la publicacion de los post ,por internet solo votar saludos @good-karma

I tried your app, pretty good improvements!

This is my to go app for my iphone X.
Easy to use and fast to post and write post by saving and come back to finish later.

awesome, I will head over to the App store now! :)

Nice post!

Nice. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to testing the new version.

Nice work......we hope this app will most popular app.

eSteem is really incredible right now, you are trying very hard to make steemit community better
Once again thanks @good-karma :)

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Saya baru belajar steemit dan saya belum tau tentang komunitas mohon bimbingan kawan -kawan stemit semua terutama @good-karma @zikra dan kawan steem lainnya. Terimakasih

tentu, saya bisa membantu anda, karena kita juga sama-sama masih belajar disini, anda bisa bergabung kedalam discord kami dan anda bisa menemukan linknya di postingan saya yang terakhir :)

Thank you @good-karma

I like it more than before!
especially searching tags and people is great :D

esteem app, my best app so far,very easy to use. Can not be compared to other apps in terms of bug problem...i have never had any problem using this app.

Tnx @good-karma for providing easy use in this app

Its a great App for the Iphone , highly recommended. User friendly and professional looking.

Yay! Esteem is such an awesome mobile app! Thank-you so much for helping me with the app today! I've successfully posted and all seems to be working smoothly! I was unable to find this post on the app. I came to the computer to post this. It's still a bit buggy but when it's all fixed up this app is going to kick the funkalistics!

hii @good-karma

I not much know how can setting this aplikasi for
have more follow and vote

I need help thanks @good-karma

Hii sir i am new in steem it and i don't know how to use..
And sir this post is good and i download esteem app
Thnk u soo much sir

Susah x minta vote ma dia......

Do not ask for upvote in comments, it will be considered spam :)

Wow this is a great improvement to the esteem app, kudos to @good-karma!!

good work i hope this app is most populer app.

If you do not want a small account selection, let me be your small votes, the important equally happy.

Please make iphone X support... please !

i am very happy to hear this info .. thanks a lot steemeans friend

Great point, sometimes you struggle for an idea for a post and then other times you get flooded with ideas. Days I dont have anything good to post I take the day off of posting :)
Sometimes what I write is too long and boring I end up taking out a bunch of lines. Short and sweet is great!

Mobile app for steem. I was so needed in this. Thank you for creation such extremely helpful app)

But I can give some ideas to improve app for steemit(android):

  1. Design. Make it material please. Now app is looking like as very old stuff
  2. Animations. With design you should to update animation to new/modern
  3. Sometime app is laggy, fix it) (i have a snapdragon 821, it's not bad cpu)

In conclusion, I can say that there are still a lot of improvements to be made. It will be really cool)

I like about all your posts, everything is really good and impressed for me readers. I want to be like you, what should I do ....?
really nice and amazing.

Any updates on the iPhone X screen?
I think it’s been long enough ;)

Esteem has only gotten better since I’ve used it keep up the great work

Good News @good-karma , thank for helping iphone user to make easy play @esteem . I will reblog this post

wao nice your article, I read until it runs out and I love it. so I give upvote. oya I also have some interesting articles. maybe you want to read it


Upvoted and shared. I do hope that they can find some common ground and settle whatever silly ego based differences they may have.

I am from Indonesia love you @good-karma. ESteem

This is really awesome..... Steemit all the way.

Esteem I'm using the new version, I'm very satisfied, it seems like no trouble. Thank you for informing 🖒

thank for your creative in ios ..

Nic post,i request to you kindly when you are free then visit my blog.

how is the app? ive been hesitant to download it because of some negative reviews. anyone else kinda annoyed how a picture of a starbucks cup gets more upvotes then a genuine post? is there something going on in the background i dont know about?

Great job done .. It will be very helpful

hy my frend, I really like steemit, to make a post like you I have not been able and I keep learning to be like you, greetings from my beginner

I dont know where i press..

thanks his information success is always @ good-karma ..

Aplikasi Yang sangat luar biasa

Thats a real good news.This will help people to use the app easily with lot more effect.upvoted

Ikan lumba lumba yes


It gets easy by the second.

Nice updates... Getting in right away

Great blog thanks for shearing @good-karma

thanks for the information

thanks for the information. this information is very helpful.

esteem still remains my favorite platform when it come to anything that has to do with the steem blockchain. am glad the platform is moving to a new level. i'll keep an eye on the store so that i can be the first to download.

great job sir

his posts are very important to me. and I always follow you @ good-karma

wow.... you sharing a post about mobile... i want to buy new and it impressed me... thanks for sharing this valuable post... best of luck...

Super. Gonna use it a lot. Works perfect.
Thanks Good-Karma!!
Happy :-)

Thank you! I have been using eSteem and I am very satisfied. Thank you for making it better!

This is what i was looking the user interface of is very hectic.
I just downloaded the app.
U made my day
Just upvoted u. Thx buddy @good-karma

Good post, I really liked your post

Yes sir it's too good app
I'm using this app I like it

you are amazing, would you help me in steemit ..... just press vote aja difficult for you ...... success always good karma

The higher the level of demand, the better the technological development, nice post @good-karma.

this information is very important to us, thank you for the information.

Wow!!! the is wonderful..
a lot of bugs fixed.
i am upgrading asap!!!
thanks for coming through @good-karma


Thanks for information @good-karma

I'll be using it. Good job guys...

wow very nice

Thanks a lot mate! I will check it out and download the app tonight!


Excelente hermano, eso si es una buena noticia. La estábamos esperando ojala se pueda tener una plataforma exitosa desde todos los angulos,.la voy a resteemear

Oke,oke,thank for sharing @good-karma

Thank you important information, I deserve no bote so far

Thank you for a great information.

Hello my best friend, where you are? be your success brother.

Unkown error has occured.

posstingan nice, i've upvote you, do not forget my upvote @azhariari

Exactly it's a good post. thank you for the information, may be useful for friends steem everything

I'm going to use esteem as soon as possible. What do you recomend me to do with this application?

Looks really great!
Thanks for sharing.. looking forward to the update

special breakthrough @good-karma

This looks brilliant!!

Thanks for creating this wonderful applicatio for steem !! You are literally doing good-karma here 😃😋😅.

Will try out the new update now.

Thanks :)

Thanks for the information

I may just redownload it. It was not working at all for the past month :(.

Could you add dmania and dtube support?

seems useful app. thanks for sharing @good-karma

Hi good-karma can you help me

Lots of updates, would give it a trial

Oke good-karma

I love esteem app all my posting are done with it
Do i need to download the android apk again so as to update the formal one

Great news! Keep them coming!

Is it on android nothing something new?we wait something new in android @good-karma,you are so creative

This is really good. Thanks a bunch.

this is a great work thats how we should do, im glad for you having thoese upvotes , my best one 0.4 maybe lol the begainnig on steemit is a bit hard , we need some encouragement from you mates I belive in relation with this beautiful commuity, waiting to see your next professional work

Steem, steemit, esteem rules! Great work, I’m already using the new version on my iPad.

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