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It has been two weeks since I last posted about anything, and I was really shocked at how my steem value gas dropped by around half. Hahaha. It is kinda disheartening, but does that mean that it is time to buy?

Anyways, I was in the hospital again last week with Insomnia and I still had not find a new job. Hopefully I will be able to find one soon, though I do have a job rn but Im not really into it. This is honestly the first time Im dealing with Insomnia and it feels awful. Like, I am tired but I cant sleep due to many thoughts running in my head.

I really should try to stop thinking too much and just be relax. Hopefully tonight I will be able to sleep without the help of medicines and others. I actually used to love sleeping a lot.

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Yeah...it's really important to find some job that you like, since if you like it it doesn't feel like working at all :)

Even if I do have a million thoughts in my mind whenever I try to sleep, the brain will still know the priorities and dump them and doze off later...but still I can tell that insomnia sucks. I have a few friends with this problem too. I would suggest using a very strong night filter for your screens and prevent too much white light before you sleep, they really hurt the sleeping feel. Lastly, when you are running your thoughts - do not think of why you won't sleep - that is really fatal to your night of sleep lol. Probably, also try to express your thoughts out in whatever way you want...drawing or writing? Once you empty your mind it should feel better :)

Gotta love sleeping, who doesn't?

Hey, thanks for the suggestions, hopefully it will help :) thanks for dropping by too.

And yeah, sleep is love.

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