Getting Down to Business at STEEMFest Day ONE!

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What a beautiful venue we had for STEEMFest Day One. The Kamthieng House Museum has an excellent set up for speakers and food. I have already shown the food in another post, and now here are the morning's events.

I'm not going into details of the presentations since this would take a ten thousand word post.

Lots and lots and lots of posts are coming soon with the details as I heard them, and my thoughts on what smaller fish can do with this information.

4 venue IMG_20191107_091623.jpg

This is @arcange when I told him I was not following his 2 minute rule for STEEMFest connections. This was a big FAIL on my part and I feel as disturbed as he looks.

1 arcange IMG_20191107_091050.jpg

Two of my favorite people I did not know I would meet. @eturnerx and @rycharde are my new best buds :)

2 eturnerx rycharde IMG_20191107_091213.jpg

This could be a hugging picture of @derangedvisions @faitherz33. These two never stop smiling!

3 derangedvisions faitherz33 IMG_20191107_091523.jpg

@bitrocker2020 cannot eat in peace. Photos are coming from both sides!

5 bitrocker2020 IMG_20191107_092034.jpg

One side of the room smiles nicely so I get a great shot.

6 one  side all look IMG_20191107_093401.jpg

But these people will not look at me. Why?

7 not looking IMG_20191107_094212.jpg

It's time to gawk at @roelandp. He was hard to miss and hard to process in this shot.

8 roelandp fitinfun.jpg

Maybe here is a bit of a better view of the top part of traditional Thai garb. He says, "Yes I am Thai. Why do you doubt me?"


Here is your Steemit Inc team is a strange crop to keep the bright screen out of view.

9 steemit inc IMG_20191107_100051.jpg

Better days are coming, I am sure of it. Many thanks to:


for such a level-headed, clear, realistic, and optimistic presentation. More to come on this brain dump!

I have a list of all the questions Steemit Inc. was asked. I was very happy with the answers and ideas they had for future plans.

10 questions for steemit inc IMG_20191107_110642.jpg

Notice the uptrend in the graph behind @aggroed. He is explaining how splinterlands is taking over the world. Yet another post for this info and a big surprise for my gaming content(!) is coming up

11 aggroed IMG_20191107_112719.jpg

@dmitrydao had so much to say about the proposal system that my brain might explode. This will be a whole post later when I am not so tired.

12 dmitrydao IMG_20191107_114451.jpg

Showing you the entrance to the gardens on my way out. I am so glad I got the chance to come here, and I am sure I am not alone with this thought.
14 in IMG_20191107_135450_HDR.jpg

That's all for now. I am still wiped out! How other STEEMFesters are running around town drinking beer right now is beyond me!

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fitinfun You can do it if I did! sharon before and after.jpg


Hey. It was great to meet you!

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Enjoying seeing your reports from SteemFest.

It would be interesting if someone tried there tried to get tagged photos of everyone attending the event... (aside from the one big group shot).

I think Roeland mentioned that there are 135 in attendance so not too big a task.

Haha! If I was not brain-dead maybe, @pennsif. I do my best. I have met so many people though and I only have maybe 40 in my "STEEMFest connections. I feel like I should have done better.

I am so glad you like the posts :)

Are you going to the Sunday evening final dinner? Time to grab the other 95 there between courses... 😀

Yes I will be there. I have this goal, and they will be trapped on a boat, so maybe I will succeed!

Good luck and enjoy the meal.

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Glad to see you're having so much fun and collecting all the info! :D I still vividly remember my SteemFest3 experience and I'm 100% sure next year you'll feel the same. Soak up every minute of it - it's surprizing how you can speak to dozens of people AND miss just as many as well :D

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