Colors of Dragonfly_insect | Macro of Photography

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Hello steemian friends ... !!!
Picture of this macro that I take the charm of the color of the dragonfly is very beautiful.
Hope you guys like it.

Dragonfly belong to a type of insect that I think is very riveting. But one thing that must be very difficult to take pictures of this insect because it requires a lot of patience and waiting for the right moment. But today I feel lucky to be able to capture this moment.

One thing is sure everything will be beautiful in time (yes or no?).

That's what I can share on this occasion. Hope you like and enjoy it. And do not forget the upvote, comment, and resteem.

See you next time. Bye...

Smartphone infinix hot s + aukey macro lens.

Location: Aceh Utara District, Aceh Indonesia.

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Thank you for supporting me. Greetings of peace!!!
Regards: @febri

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