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Simple to do / practice everyday, hopefully it can help open the door to sustenance.

  1. Place a little cat food and a bowl of water outside the house for the cats that come.

  2. Set aside a little from the results of your hard-earned salary or wages, to donate to orphans and poor people.

  3. Always provide small money in the wallet to give to the needy.

  4. Place it in your room a box. Every time you feel guilty of sin, put a small amount of money into it. Even 1 month, open the box and donate the money.

  5. If you are present at an event (family, relatives or friends), buy 1 or 2 boxes of mineral water, intend to be given to those who need it (parents, sick people, children and others).

  6. If you buy goods from small traders then the merchant wants to return change or change, let the change for him (given or gifted).

  7. Buy a Mushaf (Al-Qur'an), place it in one of the mosques. Imagine how much reward you will get from each letter of those who read it.

  8. Give joy to everyone, especially those who are overwritten with sadness, with sincere smiles and prayers.

  9. Throw smiles at the people you meet, give greetings to people who sit and talk with good words because everything is almsgiving.

  10. Do not let you fall asleep, but you have forgiven every person who has done evil to you from insulting you, spreading slander and neglecting you.

  11. Setting on your cellphone, a warning sign at certain times for you to read the surah Al-Fatihah or Al-Ikhlas which is given to your parents, both those who are still alive or have passed away.

  12. Please send these tips to all your friends or relatives. Maybe someone wants to practice it.
    Hopefully we will also be rewarded for it.

Happy charity ...
May we bestow a lot of sustenance and blessings from GOD SWT ... Aamiin ...

May be useful

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