young mango with salt

in #esteem2 years ago

talking about young mango might make some people feel drooling because young mango is famous for its sour taste and makes the drool of people who see it, but it is different if we eat young mango with a mixture of salt and cayenne because the mixture of these two ingredients can relieve the sour taste in mango young so that our tongue and mouth can swallow the mango.

Young mango which is almost ripe is peeled and cut into small pieces and mixed with salt and cayenne pepper. usually young mango is a favorite food for women who are pregnant, because the sour taste can relieve nausea caused by the fetus during a young pregnancy. The young mango which is picked up is now different from the mango pawa in the past because mango is now grafted and reduces the sour taste so that the taste is almost the same as the kedondong fruit.

if you are interested in wanting to enjoy young mango like this, please prepare enough salt and cayenne pepper and feel the pleasure of the young mango that can make us addicted. good luck


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