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Recently eSteem had been added to Decentralized Apps Catalogue and we've asked your help tweeting mentioning @esteem_app twitter account to increase eSteem rating there giving away 15 SBD for best tweets.

This request have not raised us to the Top actually since there were very few tweets but anyways we are really grateful for response of all of you, guys who made the bird sing a little bit about eSteem!

And the Winners are...

@soluce07 eSteem app can't make you a coffee but you can buy it by using eSteem rewards...

@doodleman eSteem is a comfortable smartphone application, connected with the #Steem #Blockchain and it´s rewarding you in #crypto for creating content. Just search for "Esteem App" in your app store to download it.

@future24 Are you a steemit user? Maybe you need to try this application, an application that has advanced features, which are summarized in a simple apps, and user friendly. Now @esteem_app is available at Download now and enjoy the powerful features!

Thanks a lot for your nice tweets!
All the winners will get their SBD prizes in 24 hours.

P.S. It's pity that still a lot of eSteem users do not understand the difference between Steem (blockchain) and Steemit (client or interface to Steem blockchain)...

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@esteemapp should have at least given an upvote bonus for other participants. What were the criteria for selection? In any case congratulations to @soluce07 @doodleman and @future24


Thank you for the congratulations!


Here is your bonus, man! Criteria was pretty subjective and we had to choose only 3 winners. Your tweet was also great!


Thank you @dunsky. Am encouraged. Your team's efforts in building the @esteemapp is greatly acknowledged and celebrated. I personally wouldn't mind tweeting @esteemapp everyday. It's my first recommendation to all of my steemit invitees.


Thank you


The criteria is,The best tweet dor esteem was the winner.

Congratulation for All the winner

Congrats to the lucky ones. Hopefully I can join next. Proud #esteemian!

i would like to join,but my tqitter account had less than 10 followers..resteem is the only thing i can help here!

Tweet it guy's..

soon will address a eSteem guys for my communities!!, It's a great apps for desktop and in my viewis stand alone with others, just sometimes will trigger some bugs made my experiences not as smooth as other competitive apps. I use it since my very beginning time in Steemit but I jump back to website version soon later. Nowadays, it's great and so bright for me, without any doubts your team did something incredible and I'm very much appreciated.

Indeed, comments above is quite right, even a little tiny upvotes for publisher is a huge encouragement for them(me too!) Understood is hard to choose, but you can refer to the system of "".

Great works guys!! Keep it up!! Great works!! Great works!! Happy Steemit!!

Success eSteem

Beautiful eSteem

very good post,@esteemapp

Happy to be a winner :) Thank you esteem, happy to be apart of this community.

Congratulations to all winners! They probably had the best messages.

congratulations to the winners ... this is an interesting concept and can motivate us to be more creative in making posts.

Aww, how sad that I just saw this. But congrats to the winners and hopefully you can conduct another twitter contest for steemit users 😃

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Wow carry on get more features for user...

a very useful steem program,i agree and strongly support the program,success is always @esteemapp

congrats to all! The work @good-karma and the #esteem team are bringing to #Steemit is amazing. I appreciate all you guys have done for me,

I have twitter from years ago it is dormant. Really never enjoyed using it. Did a little it is strange to me.

28m3yl1gfn.png Borrowed you footer lol

Thank you for doing STEEM - better. Good luck to you and Love.

Спасибо, что делаете STEEM – лучше. Удачи Вам и Любви.

Very nice post

Congrats to the winners!! 😀

Congratulations for the winner

Thank yau @esteemapp very good

we love @esteemapp you rock

Thank you very much for the shoutout and this cool contest!

Post yang sangat bagus

Ohhhh I miss the chanse . I had not heard about this contest. To know about these type contest what should I follow?

@esteemapp maybe this method will get a lot of bonuses and many will leave other participants. Complete information about prepared criteria for selection? thank you

Buenas tardes. Excelente post.muchas congratulaciones. Saludos desde Venezuela.lo invito visitar mi blog. Hasta luego

@doodleman and

(Sorry -- I don't tweet or use Twitter frequently! @esteemapp)